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Tittle Tales

Cossar Park Or Tishomingo Park, Where To Go?

By Amy Tittle

My husband’s parents came to visit us for Halloween and a birthday celebration for our young-est son. They have had a RV for several years and try to go camping whenever they travel. So, they decided to drive it up here and camp in George Cossar state park during their visit. We were able to spend some time out at the camp site during their stay and we had a great time. The weather was cold and perfect for a fire, and the leaves are in full color change; the scenery was picture perfect.
They enjoyed staying at Cossar and plan on camping there again. Not only was it beautiful but the grounds were clean and very kept up. Wildlife was plentiful along with breathtaking views of Enid during the afternoon sunsets. At night we roasted hotdogs and charred marshmallows over the fire and washed them down with tasty hot chocolate. All the  while we enjoyed the chilly temperature in the great outdoors.
Our kids stayed with them in the RV the few nights they were here and relished every minute of camping with gramma and granpa.
We walked with the kids and they rode their scooters and bikes and explored the trails and some of the sandy and muddy banks of Enid.
Needless to say the deer are plentiful and we saw endless amounts of them day and night along with several rabbits and a fox. My youngest son was very disappointed he did not see a bear. Luckily a little game of walkie talkie hide and seek was enough to keep his mind off of bear scouting for the rest of the time.
My husband and I are planning a camping trip with our kids and are debating on going to Cossar or Tishomingo for our first Mississippi camping experience. We like Cossar and will eventually camp there even if not for our first time. We also like several things Toshimingo has to offer, for example a unique landscape of massive rock formations and fern-filled crevices found nowhere else in Missis-sippi. Massive boulders blanketed in moss sit on the hillsides, and colorful wildflowers border trails once walked by Native Ameri-cans. They also offer rock climbing, which is something my kids love to do.
Whether we go to Cossar and fish and enjoy the peaceful sportsman paradise or head over to Tishimingo to rock climb and learn about Paleo Indian history, I’m certain it will be adventurous and exciting as ever with my crew.
Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me at if you have any advice or suggestions regarding each park, I love learning and hearing useful tips from others. With each park having such gorgeous landscapes and different things to offer, I’m sure whichever one we try first will be beautiful and unforgettable.
We are looking forward to it and I will let you know how the trip goes. Hopefully my youngster’s bear sightings will not become a reality!

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