Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

 Tuesday was so cold—think that was the coldest north wind I can remember. Also the leaves came down in basket fulls. My driveway was completely covered—was thankful that I knew where it was—and those leaves were wet.     Just last week, a nursing home employee told me about a family member who had slipped on wet leaves and broken a hip. I’d never thought of slipping on wet leaves, so I was grateful for the warning and was very careful as I walked— held onto the carport post when it was possible.
  Wednesday, in the early morning, we had no wind. Then about 9 it picked up and was again out of the north—still very cold. Around 11 I went to the bank and the wind had turned to the south and it actually felt warm. We’re having some strange weather.
  Again, on Thursday the weather was not nice, with rain and wind. I had to go to the nursing home in Batesville to take over sitting duties late in the afternoon. Almost waited too late to leave home. Sink was full of dirty dishes and I knew they needed to be washed before I left. Took much longer than I expected, so it was very dark when I arrived at the Batesville city limits.
    Usually I go by Mom’s and then on up Hwy. 51 to Eureka Street. First turn off Eureka is Woodland and then I know my way to the nursing home driveway.
    Running so late though, I decided to just take Eureka off the Pope/WV Road. Had done this several times before and didn’t expect any trouble. Wrong! I turned a couple of streets before Wood-land. Knew the last street from the east, coming onto Woodland was Turtle Creek and I just assumed that if I went on I’d run into it and then be able to turn west. Haven’t found Turtle Creek yet. Drove for what seemed like hours and decided that I’d better turn around and retrace my tracks. This didn’t work either. I couldn’t find the streets I’d traveled.
    After what was about 15 or 20 minutes I found people in the street talking, so I stopped, jumped out of the van and asked directions. The nice ladies gave precise instructions about how to get back to Eureka Road and then asked which way I wanted to travel on it—into Batesville or the other way. I laughed and says, “Into Batesville, I’ve come from Water Valley,” so I was told to turn right. Did and found Woodland and the Nursing Home. Had to fess up though, and thought Sister Jimmie would laugh me out of town. She didn’t.
    When I said, “Sometimes in the daylight I want you to go with me and show me where I’ve been.” She then was laughing and explained that even she gets lost in that section of Batesville and that we’d never find exactly where I had been.
  I can get lost in WV, so it’s a miracle that I made it back to family. It’s scary to be absolutely lost.
  My week got even better on Friday morning. Got up at my usual 4 a.m. and thought it seemed like a short night.
  Showered, dressed and made me some breakfast—knew the boys were going hunting, so delivered breakfast would not be coming. While doing this I glanced at the clock to see how time was. The kitchen clock read 4:50. as had the bedroom clock, but the TV was saying 3:50. Then got my watch and it read 3:50. Still not satisfied, I went out to the van (an accurate clock) and found that it was indeed 3:50.  Put my extra hour to good use—finished cleaning out the pantry room fridge. Still got to the nursing home ahead of time.
  In all my driving over the weekend I only saw one deer, but I’m sure there were many more out there. Going on over one stopped in its tracks about four feet from me on the side of the Eureka Road. I was meeting a vehicle and I’m sure he had deer whistles on his vehicle. I do have to get some on my van—they work.
  When I was leaving early Saturday morning the boys were loading to again go to the deer stands. Stopped for a minute to catch up on what they’d been doing. Rance told me that he’d already killed a deer. Wondered why I’d not heard about it sooner. He killed it without using his weapon. Said as he was traveling he heard a loud thump. Stopped, got out and looked for the reason and found a dead little deer. Expecting to find a damaged truck, he began his examination—didn’t find a scratch. Says the only explanation is that the deer must have hit a wheel.
  I’ve had no report from the boys of any kills with a weapon—whatever is legal for hunting at the present.
  Late Saturday afternoon Jimmie came by the nursing and I took the opportunity to run to Wal-Mart and the Dollar Tree to get a few things we needed. First time I’d been out since all the work and new lights on Highway 6 in Batesville. If you drive that strip of road be careful—it’s definitely different.
  Everyone keeps asking about what I’ve been cooking. Well food at the Kilgore home is really great these days. Thursday night I opened a can of spaghettiOs; Friday I raided the freezer and found a quart of gumbo, which I thawed and ate; Saturday night I scrambled eggs, heated up left-over sausage and made toast. I’m really eating high on the hog these days. Do plan to cook this weekend, though. I’m ready for some lima beans, peas, corn, meat and cornbread. Last week at home I cooked a Boston butt and made barbecue, cooked a pot roast, and baked some sweet potatoes—they were delicious.
  Do hope we can cook Thanksgiving dinner.  I’ve chopped bell peppers and squash to make a casserole, can make a sweet potato casserole ahead of time and plan to cook cornbread and chicken (for broth) for dressing sometimes this weekend. I’ll get the celery and onions chopped and then will just have to dump it all together. You can bake a turkey without any effort and peas, limas and potatoes cook fast. Doesn’t take many desserts these days, so a couple of pies and a cake will do it.
  Was sorry that the Blue Devils lost Friday night, but they’ve done a great job all season. If you have to loose it’s a feather in your cap to only loose to the team reported to be best in the state. Congratulations, team, on an outstanding season.
  Next Thursday is Thanksgiving and we get a holiday.

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