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Water Valley’s Got It!

O’Tuck Supply Offers Wide Product Variety

By Daniel Martin

It’s the time of year where everyone is in a frenzy for the next big deal, whether it’s for a new purse or a new refrigerator. The Water Valley Area Chamber of Commerce would like to remind everyone that some of the best deals can be found in the place we all call home. Starting this week, the Chamber of Commerce would like to highlight its members who offer goods or services that at times we may drive 30 to 40 minutes to get, when those same goods and services were just five minutes away.  
 It is now Thanksgiving, and a lot of us find ourselves saying that we are thankful for our friends, our church, and our community.  
Well, how do you show that thanks. Some of those friends, and especially our churches and community are supported by the dollars that we spend right here in the Valley.   The more dollars we spend at home, the better off we all collectively become.  
Take O’Tuck Supply for example, some of us shopped there last week, but for others, it may have been a couple of years.  O’Tuck Supply has been serving our community, giving back to Water Valley, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce for a long time–just as many other local business have.  
The last time I visited, my wife and I were shopping for winter clothes, and I was pleased to find a full selection of men’s and women’s wear from Carhart ruggedness to Browning cool. In need of some camouflage or some boots?  They have that too, from camo shirts to nice thick camo jackets. Rocky Boots, cowboy hats, purses–you may be surprised what you find. Does your husband need a new shirt.  O’Tuck has both Mossy Oak polos and button ups.  Have you been driving half an hour one-way to look for pet supplies?  Well then, you may have been driving an hour to find what was simply 10 minutes away. O’Tuck Supply has dog and cat supplies too.   
And while you’re buying your old hunting dog a new collar, you may want to pick up some scent blocker or other hunting or fishing supplies.  Of course, all of this is on top of what you would expect to find at your down home farm supply store, where you can also find metal gates and fencing, live-stock feed, seasonal garden plants and flowers, and much more.
Please remember when shopping this Christmas season, Water Valley’s got it.

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