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Tittle Tales

Kids Celebrate With Polar Express Fun

By Amy Tittle

This past Friday night, Water Valley kicked off Christmas in the Valley. The event featured a horse and carriage ride while people from town and all over shopped along Main Street . They also enjoyed listening and singing Christmas music played from our Railroad Park Pavilion. The evening was cold, but set the mood just right for a December night with lights sparkling from Christmas trees in the store front windows and the decorations hung from the street lights along Main Street. I had the honor of helping with the Polar Express Party Junior Auxiliary hosted this year.
By the giggles and laughter echoing from the ballroom above the B.T.C., I would strongly say it was beyond successful for the kids and parents alike.
Each child was given a punched golden ticket upon arrival and we served them all yummy hot chocolate, delicious Christmas cookies and a candy cane…or two. All the children sat down while enjoying their goodies and listened as Conductor Casey (Jackie Clevenger’s husband) read aloud the Polar Express storybook.
Frosty the snowman also made a surprising appearance and the kids were thrilled to hug and have pictures made with him. You may have heard some jingling sounds as all the children made jingle bell bracelets they could take home and enjoy during Christmas.
Once they were done with crafts and story time, they each had a chance to write Santa a letter. Then the man in the big red suit appeared and all you could see in the room were huge eyes. The kids sat in amazement, almost as they were thinking, “how in the world did Santa know where I was and how did he get here?” The expressions were adorably priceless, I wish I could have captured each one on camera. I will never forget some of the looks and sounds resulting from that moment.
Once Santa was seated in his chair each child was given the opportunity to have their picture made with him and also drop a little hint in his ear of what they are wishing for this year. Santa did a great job and spent time with each child who came to talk with him. We walked the children down to the side walk out front of the B.T.C. to get a little surprise snow shower, you could here the shrills of joy from the little ones jumping up and down in the pretend snow.
The Junior Auxiliary and several unnamed others who made this years Polar Express Party a huge hit deserve an enormous thank-you from our community, it was amazing to see all of these people dedicate their time, money and effort in preparing the planning, decorating and serving to the children and families of Water Valley. I had the privilege to help give some Christmas joy to every child and it completed a perfect night of Christmas in the Valley.

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