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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    The Christmas Holiday began last Tuesday morning after I completed delivery of papers to the stores. It was fun wishing everyone  a “Merry Christmas” as I made my round.
  Went home and began cooking lunch for Celeste and Jim, who were scheduled to arrived about noon. After eating lunch, Jim decided to make my new dishwasher run, and he did, but we think it still has a problem, so poor Joey will still have to make a service call.
  After unloading their car, we chatted a while, then reloaded and went over to Bill’s and Jimmie’s where we spent Christmas Eve night. Sleep only came after a delightful visit at open house in the home of Nephew William and his wife, Karen, Cole. Enjoyed visiting with lots of family and friends, seeing their beautifully decorated home, and enjoying some delicious foods.
  Christmas morning was not as exciting as in former years, but we got to enjoy sleeping a lot later. I cooked the sausage and biscuits and scrambled eggs. Jimmie cooked ham, bacon and fried the eggs. Bill took care of the coffee. We completely forgot to cook hashbrowns, and that was the first thing Brother Rance asked for. Told him that was his job and he was late so they didn’t get cooked.
  Gifts were then opened and there was a little down time. I made chocolate pies during this period—the only thing that had not been pre-cooked.
  Second meal of the day was eaten about three in the afternoon. We dubbed it “lupper”—since the meal between breakfast and lunch is “brunch”, so between lunch and supper is now “Lupper.” Leave it to that clan to coin a new word. This was also a family effort. Bo fired the turkey, Carolyn made pecan pies, Jimmie cooked the veggies, and I made casseroles, pies, dressing and gravy. We had no cookies or cakes, but I did get chocolate and peanut butter fudge done.
    No divinity or date nut loaf and the coconut cake I promised Carolyn was post-poned until the new year.
  Jim had seen a TV special on unusual hamburger places in our area and wanted to visit some of them, so he, Celeste  and I went on a tour Thursday. First stop was New Albany to visit Latham’s on Main Street. Found it closed until January 2nd, but he did get to peep in the window. Ed and I had eaten there several times years ago and I’d told Jim that it was very similar to our old Pastry Shop, owned by the late George and Myrtle Miles. It still looks the same and the report is that they’re still serving the old-fashioned added oatmeal burgers. Was sorry that they didn’t get to try one.
  We then toured the town before going on to Holly Springs, where he wanted to eat at Phillips Burgers. Was smart this time—he called ahead and was told they were open to come on over.
  I’d eaten at Phillips in Oxford and was not that impressed with it. We got directions, had a GPS and still had to stop and ask the way. Was definitely worth the effort. The burgers were delicious, as were the onion rings. I wanted a fried pie, but didn’t have room after all the food I’d consumed. Going on to Batesville, I said, “Why didn’t we get a fried pie to go?”
  I was surprised when the owner came out and called me Betty. Had to put on my thinking cap to come  up with who I was taking to. It was our own Larry Davis—if he had been in a beauty salon, I’d probably recognized  him right off. He was a great beautician, but I not sure he doesn’t make a better hamburger. Was so good to see him. We also enjoyed visited with all the customers.
  We were directed to the hardware store for something we were interested in purchasing. Didn’t find it but did meet some delightful folks—owner, staff and customers.
  After leaving that store, we stopped by the drug store for ice cream—something Ed and I did each time we attended the pilgrimage. We found more very hospitable folks there. Then Celeste and Jim wanted to see some of the historic homes and asked for directions. I was no help—when we toured the homes Ed drove or led the way if were were walking—I didn’t have a clue as to where they were. Celeste, the smart one of this trio, says, “I know, I’ll go back and ask our new friend at the hardware store.”
    She did and came out with not  only directions, but also a map. I recognized many of the homes we’d visited through the years and was able to recall lots of interesting highlights about them. It was a fun trip.
  Came back by the nursing home to visit with Mom for a while, then it was back to the Cole home for a barbecue supper and the kids’ gift exchange. We’d forgotten to cook fresh creamed corn for Jim on Christmas Day, it was in the microwave on Thursday and again forgotten so it was pulled out at the end of meal. It got to be the final dessert. At our table Jim had several helpings, Celeste two, Bo and I had one each, and Misty consumed four and then complained with a tummy ache. We all do like corn.
  I’ve never seen so many cute toys, outside of Toy’s-R-Us. My favorite was a fairy. She was about six inches tall and looked very fragile. You charge her up and then fly her with your hand.  She hovers about two or three feet about the hand and moves as it does. The kids passed her from one to the other and in doing this she was flown into the Christ-mas tree, the windows, ceiling and walls, but remained intact. Decided she  must be tougher than she looked.
  Almost year-old Caroline  enjoyed the boxes and tissue paper that her toys came in much more than the toys. Michael would hand her a toy and she would immediately go back to pulling the tissue out of the box and then replacing it. Two year-old Briley’s favorite toy was Caroline’s new car—didn’t move on the floor. You just sat on the floor in this car and drove. Think the top engineers in the U.S. are now in the toy factories.
  Celeste and Jim had to leave Friday morning—ending a short but wonderful visit. They stopped in Abileen to visit with her brother and his family and then arrived back in Las Cruces early Sunday evening. Am always relieved when they’re safe back at home.
  After they left I went on over to sit with Mom so Bo could have some time off. He, Carolyn, Rance and Ginny had been so good to spend time with her while the kids were here. Jimmie couldn’t because she had the crud.
  We were glad to have several members of the late Cecil and Ann Surrette Warren family of Senatobia with us Sunday in church, including our former youth  minister, Craig Warren, and his parents.
  We’ll have a Watch Night service Tuesday night, beginning at 8 p.m. Everyone is invited to come out and join us. There will be fellowship, games, food and a short worship service, before praying in the New year.
  Happy New Year to everyone!

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