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Street Talk

Remembering Last Year’s Resolutions

By Coulter Fussell

It’s a New Year in Water Valley! Or the Last Day of an Old Year in Water Valley, depending on which day you’re reading this.
If it’s Tuesday then you’re probably cramming down some final, hot scoops of creamy queso dip on a crispy, curled triangle of fried tortilla while picking confetti out of your hair and loving life. If it’s Wednesday or later then you’ve already spent a solid hour digging your long lost exercise clothes out of the closet, walked out onto your cold front porch only to suddenly remember how much you hate exercise, and sighed longingly as you drove to the gym, side-eying Pizza Ghetti as you pass, remembering the good ol’ pepperoni days of yesteryear.
I’m not trying to be negative. I’m just being realistic. Resolutions tend to fail. But I’ve never been one for resolutions. The only thing similar to a resolution in which I have ever succeeded was the time I gave up Mexican food for Lent. I have no idea why I did that and it was the worst 40 days of my life. I also boycotted a famous pickle company once for mistreating their workers, but it only lasted four hours. So, that’s where I’m coming from.  
But, I do think resolutions can be successful if, in day-to-day practice, they don’t thoroughly interrupt your normal routines. You have to make it easy to follow the plan and Main Street offers many convenient options for the resolution-makers.         For those going the diet route, we cannot underestimate how The Great Sonic Fire of 2013 will play into your success. As much as I miss Combo #2 with a Cherry Limeade and as much as I await the day that the Sonic Shall Rise Again, I begrudgingly admit that my jeans have not missed Sonic.
Thankfully, Sonic is on its way back and soon the Top 40 Hits blaring from the drive-in parking spots will lead us all back to the tater tots like the Pied Piper, but until then, the New Year’s Diet is starting out one big step ahead. Crawdad Hole Jr. is a given for healthy eating options. Your very best bet for good, low-calorie food is those crab legs and shrimp. B.T.C.’s spinach and house salad and El Charrito’s Cozumel salad are good choices. Cutting carbs? Two words ( and two letters…and an ampersand): D & D hot wings.
Water Valley is also a great town for the other resolution: exercise. We are lucky to have Crawford Sports Complex and Cornerstone Rehabilitation. Crawford Sports Complex is like my second home. The track is big, wide, and it’s peaceful out there. And I like the little community of Vallians that use that track: all ages, sizes, races, and levels of fitness. It’s nice to know that in the “fattest state in the nation” Water Valley is out moving around.
But try not to limit yourself to the track or the treadmill. You’ll more than likely burn out if you follow the exact same routine each time. Get out and move around town. Your route can run north/south using Main St., Central St., Railroad Ave, and Duncan St. as zig-zagging track, of sorts. This course runs through the bottom of the valley, so it’s level and flat. Or, if you’re feeling saucy, you can  exercise in an east/west direction, going up and down the hills on either side of Main Street. Godspeed to anyone who tackles Wood Street, by the way.  
I’m a Main Street exerciser and an unexpected benefit is that I’ve noticed a lot of little nuances about Water Valley. I see the same people go to work every morning. I look forward to the smell of the Valley Lumber yard after it rains. I can also smell which houses use Downy fabric softener and I know that no one needs to knock two rocks together when it’s a cold day on Blount Street because one of you people has a leaky gas heater.  
 And the friendly pick-up truck drivers of Water Valley tend to be very encouraging to the exercising person. Lots of drive-by morale-boosting from those men (and one woman.)
Good luck to all that are going to try to get fit this year. I’ll see ya sweating down Main Street!

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