Art Talk

By Andi Bedsworth

In our newest series, What are you Working on Now?, I have gotten the chance to speak with artists in the community to find out what they are up to. This week I spoke with the dynamic artist couple of William Warren and Pati D’Amico. This week’s article will focus on William Warren and his newest endeavors.
William went to school at Rhode Island School of Design, where he got his BFA. He has taught art, ran galleries and been instrumental in starting arts events in many of the towns where he has lived. Most notable are the Waiting Room Gallery he started with Pati in Providence.
Then they moved to New Orleans where they reopened another incarnation of the same gallery. Both were instrumental in starting Gallery Night in Providence with a total of eight galleries. It was a night where galleries were open and buses took patrons to tour the exhibits. The event is still going on there today and has grown to include many more galleries.
Currently William lives in Water Valley with Pati. He creates art and has a sign business that keeps him busy. He fell into this trade while in Rhode Island and picked it back up when he moved here.
He enjoys making signs and feels that through signage you can “recreate a town by giving it a visual identity.” Right now Warren is working on a series of work that will be on display in Bozarts Gallery during May and June.
The show will be inspired by science fiction and the future. The work he is producing for this show developed out of his Kudzu series which he has now put aside. He began working with stencils and foam brushes and liked the texture. He now uses that sponge technique to create layers painted on metal.     
The paintings are based off of collages which he creates first and will show with the paintings in the show which will include other artists as well.
Next week we will focus on the other half of this pair, Pati D’Amico. It looks like we have a lot to look forward to in the spring.

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