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Tittle Tales

Hunting, Fireworks Bring In New Year Water Valley Style

By Amy Tittle

News Years Eve we joined in with all the other noises in Water Valley and shot off several large fireworks. My husband made a trip to one of the places selling fireworks and bought a few for the kids to celebrate the New Year. All three of my children were ecstatic about the bottle rockets and other big and loud fireworks they helped put into position and light.
I loved watching my kids wait for the big screech and amazing display of sparkly color and seeing their unforgettable facial expressions and hearing their excited response. My husband’s parents were still here on their visit from Christmas and joined us on the front porch to watch the beautiful display of colorful fireworks and the joyful sounds all around the city welcoming the New Year. The weather was cold and crisp which created the feel of a perfect January night.
New Years Eve day I went horseback riding with some friends and had a great time. When our ride was over, one of the riders showed me a picture of his recent deer hunting kill. As I looked closer at the picture and asked a few more questions, I realized it was pretty amazing. This is by far the biggest deer I have seen. I have included a picture of the deer and the hunter so you can see the prize kill. I contacted the hunter, Hartley Camp, a few days later to get more information so I could give you an idea of the details of his hunt.
On Dec. 30 at around 4:45 in the afternoon, Hartley Camp, son of Chris Camp, was hunting on his grandfather Johnny Camp’s property.
Concealed in a shooting house, he was playing on his phone when the deer came running through the woods. He whistled for it to stop, threw his gun up and shot. “I thought it was just an eight-point and got down and soon found out it was a 16-point,” he said.
His brother, Cole Camp, had a helping hand in the hunt. This deer was killed with a 270 rifle and scored 151. Hartley shot the deer twice in the lower neck. He did not have to track the deer as it only went ten yards and died. Hartley is planning on mounting it and using the meat. What a great way to start the celebration of a new year with a successful hunt and a fully stocked freezer of deer meat.
So, whether you went hunting and had a huge kill, shot off fireworks, watched the ball drop on TV from your couch or were in bed listening to my fireworks blast off, I hope you and your family had a wonderful New Years. I look forward to what 2014 holds for me and my family and the great town of Water Valley.

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