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Art Talk

By Andi Bedsworth

As I mentioned last Wednesday, today’s article will feature local artist, Pati D’Amico. She moved here several years ago from New Orleans with husband, William War-ren, whom we featured last week. A lot of their background story in the arts was covered last week, but D’Amico is an artist in her own right, and she has an interesting history as well.
Pati studied at Rhode Island School of Design and at Rhode Island College where she has been making her artistic marks ever since. She even got in a little trouble along the way. As a youngster she melted crayons on a light bulb in a lamp just to see the pretty colors, and once when she discovered that the eggs had not been dyed early Easter morning, she took it upon herself to color them and even wrote a note to her parents pretending to be the Bunny himself.  This fun spirit and creativity is inherent in all of Pati’s work. Her sense of humor and love of graphic imagery is what makes her work so irresistibly fun and engaging.
Right now she is working on art for the upcoming show at Bozarts that will emphasize science fiction and the Future in May.
She is keeping the exact nature of her work a secret, but rest assured that it will be super fun! The pieces will be done mostly in black and white in a graphic style that resembles woodcuts. She will be painting on galvanized metal which both she and Bill use for many of their projects. I cannot wait to see what the end results will be. I guess we will have to wait until the show in March

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