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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Has all the itises (sinus, bronchitis, and laryngitis) last Tuesday. I did sound awful, but did not feel bad and had no temp. Eyes and nose were streaming, cough was constant, and had very little voice.
  David started early to help me deliver papers to the stores. I trained him, just in case I was every unable to do my job. Very few folks were out Wednesday morning. Crowd  at  Dunn’s  in the Sylva Rena Community was very small. Gaylon Booker, Bobby  Schmitz and a few more braved the elements for a great breakfast, but the rest must have slept in.
    Gaylon was interested in finding a picture of the old Camp Ground School Building. If you have one you’ll share with Gaylon and us, we can scan it and give it right back. Would be nice to have one on file.
  My last paper route helper was ten years ago, when David’s Uncle Rupert helped me. He had a damaged shoulder and drove and carried the clip board. He was a helper that helped liven it up each Wednesday morning, though. David’s much like Rupert—both are comedians. Was fun having him with me, but I hope I’ll be well enough to do it alone this week.
    Jimmie will be surprised to know that I drove and David did the toting. She’s probably also surprised that David lived through it. The rule is that if there’s another driver in my vehicle, I ride.  
  My voice got progressively worse as the day went on, so after lunch I went home. Thursday I could not make a sound, so it was inside by myself for the rest of the week. Mel called Jimmie to tell her what had happened and she, Bo, Rance and Don took care of Mom.
  I did laundry, washed dishes, cleaned out the kitchen fridge, and picked up. Didn’t dust or vacuum—was afraid the dust would make things worse. Then I cooked. Made chicken pot pie and chicken rotel. Already had a pot of vegetable soup, so I didn’t starve.
  Rest of my time was spent reading a little—watering eyes don’t allow for much of this. TV watching was a better alternative. I saw every western ever made I think, lots of made for TV movies, news and that’s not ever good; and even succumbed to the Golden Globe Awards for awhile.
  It’s amazing the facts you can discover on the medical shows (don’t know how accurate they are but they are interesting).
  I’ve also gotten addicted to The Price Is Right, a show we watched years ago. Mom used to watch this and she knew the prices of every prize on the show—we should have gotten her on as a contestant. Their prices and ours are not the same, but she always came up with the correct price. She also knew the local prices on many of the items, because she checked in a grocery store for 20 years.
  Went to church Sunday, even though the class had to teach Sunday School. They did an excellent job—I enjoyed listening. Guess God thought I needed to see what others gained from the lesson.
  Worship service was excellent with our Youth Minister, Dustin Pierce, bringing the messages during both the morning and evening services. Some churches don’t get one good preacher, but we are blessed with two great preachers. Dustin is only 20 years old and a student at Blue Mountain College, but he preached like a seasoned minister. He’s also an excellent youth director.
  Our  pastor, Bro. Lynn Jones, was in Missouri teaching the winter Bible study on Colossians. He told us he was practicing for this study, which he’ll do for us during the night services in February. He’s an excellent teacher, so if you want to study this book, join us at 6:15 each Sunday night in February. Check for a formal announcement nearing the starting date.
  Got back to work today (Monday) and am able to do all my chores, except answer the phone. Folks still have trouble understanding me.
  Jim called and we did talk a little. He had news that many of you former Delta State folks will regret to hear. Dr. and Mrs. Clark’s great-grand child was buried today. She was a grand of youngest daughter, Robin. As you know the Clarks were Church of Christ and the music director was concerned about the huge number of folks assembled for the service who were not of that denomination.
    Jim assured him they would be able to sing without music and with words on the screen. Jim said the singing was phenomenal. When you have 200-plus trained musicians, all with excellent to pretty good voices, singing acapella, it’s angelic. He reported that it was the prettiest singing he’d every heard. I told him they should form a community choir—I want to hear them sing.
  Loved Betty and Bill and daughter, Robbin. My sympathy is extended to the entire Clark family.
  A memorial fund has been set up if anyone is interested.
  Mel just brought me a concoction for my ailment. She says it will make me good as new soon. I’m drinking it slowly. Taste is not as bad as I thought when she told me what was in it. Lemon juice, honey and ginger root. Does seem to be working and so far it’s staying down. I’ll give the final result next week—if I live.
  Jimmie had told me to call Robert Montgomery and ask for a half-gallon of whiskey and some peppermint. If I’d drunk that I probably wouldn’t have cared whether I could talk.

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