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Tittle Tales

New Year Brings Changes To Tittle Household

By Amy Tittle

2014 has already brought about many positive changes in the Tittle household. Last week my husband requested I give him a haircut. Many people here in Water Valley don’t know that I went to Cosmetology School about nine years ago. I was not able to finish, with 30  hours lacking and my practical state board exam not completed, I gave birth to our middle child and only daughter. The reasoning for not finishing and not going full time into the profession was not too disappointing. I had a sweet newborn girl to take care of and also my oldest son at the time was just two and half, so I was already very busy.
Now, nine years later, my husband refuses to go pay for a haircut when I have been to school to cut hair. So when he asked me to give him a haircut last week, I was a little nervous, but granted him his request. I stated beforehand in a teasing kind of way a disclaimer about his being satisfied with the job. When I finally finished, making sure the hair on both sides of his head appeared the same length, I allowed him to glance in the mirror for his nod of approval. He was happy with it and I was happy it was over.
Just a moment later as I was sweeping the floor from the remains of hair from my husband’s haircut, my youngest son came into the bathroom and also requested a haircut. This request was a little different than my husbands because I have always kept my youngest son’s hair shoulder length. Since birth he has had very long curly hair, so naturally this momma wanted to keep her baby in curls. I noticed the way his face looked and his tone of voice when he asked me to cut his hair. He asked me to cut it like his daddy and big brother’s hair. When he said that, it melted my heart and I could not resist granting him his big boy request.         Even if this momma wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the baby curls, I knew in my heart he was. So, I told him I would. He quickly jumped up in the chair with a big ole toothless smile. I began to cut and inch by inch, but I continued to doubt my decision. But I also reminded myself this was for him and not me. It’s hard to let go of those little things from your baby. Then, after I had finished his cut, I let him look in the mirror and his expression was something I will never forget. He immediately ran into the family room to proudly show off his new big boy hair cut to his daddy and big brother and sister. He says that now he and his big brother are twins because they both have short hair.
Even though the curls are gone and experiencing the moment of seeing my baby was not a baby any more, I was proud and happy to see him relish his boyhood reflecting an image similar to his daddy and big brother. It was definitely, for this momma, one of those emotional and touching pivotal points you see in your child’s life.
He, of course, is the same crazy, fun loving little five-year-old without the curls. So, it seems I’m already facing some small, good but different changes, I look forward to more challenges this year that will grow and shape my family and me. But, hopefully no more haircuts.

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