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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Bill Warren was by last Thursday with color selections for the front of our building. Looks like it’s going to be very colorful and very pretty. Artists do have an eye for color. Now we just have to get Steve Ford on the project. He has to put the building back together before paint can be applied. These old buildings do take a lot of upkeep.
  It’s great to see the progress being made on the former Blu-Buck Buildings. The team working there definitely have a huge job, but they’re coming right along with it. Our side of Main Street is slowly catching up with the west side. It will be fun to have neighbors in all the buildings.
  We have really enjoyed having J’s on Main and J Clayton’s join our Main Street family. Jonathan is almost as much fun as Barney Pullen was in our early days, when we were neighbors to the north.         Glenda can way out do Mr. Sissell and Mr. Gore in the  fun department and also in the talent arena. She and Jonathan do produce some beautiful gifts and floral arrangements.
  I still have not gotten into J. Clayton’s. When he’s open I just don’t have time to visit and I rarely go in that direction. Catch Jonathan and Glenda when I go to the post office and that’s most every day—rarely go inside, just visit on the sidewalk and occasionally when I get to go to the bank I see J. Clayton or his dad, Jim, outside as I’m passing. All these folks are wonderful friends.
  As I was driving down the street one day last week I saw vehicles in the ordering slots at Sonic and got real excited. Found out it was only the workers, but they are making progress. Maybe it won’t be long before this business re-opens. I watch their commercials  on TV and some of the new menu offerings look so good—I’m ready to try them.
  Since I had been out sick the past weekend I tried to get over to sit with Mom as early as possible on Thursday afternoon, so Bo could get out and maybe get in a little deer hunting.
  As I traveled the Eureka Road, I saw a few deer on the roadside, thankfully not close enough to hit me or me to hit them. Did see a couple of vehicles in the nursing home parking lot, mended with Duck Tape, which I’m sure had been damaged by deer.
  One of Mom’s sitters came in Friday night and reported that her granddaughter had just hit a deer out on the Eureka Road. She had not heard how bad the wreck was when I left her. Offered to stay and let her go to the scene of the accident. She said she had other family members on the way to help and that she was sure everything would be alright and I was to go on home and get some sleep.
    I did and I’m sure everything was okay except the vehicle, because she never let us know anything and she will not be back with Mom until tonight (Monday).
  I go from Moms to the nursing about 5:30 each morning and leave about 8:30 at night—bad times to be traveling Highway 51. I do drive slowly and keep my lights on high beam when at all possible, and so far I’ve managed to miss the deer.
  Mine was a dull weekend—did watch the high wind all day Saturday. The wind was so bad it was picking up the pine-bark mulch in the flowerbed outside Mom’s window and banging them against the window. Mom kept thinking someone was knocking on the door and I wouldn’t let them in.
  We had another problem. Her feet were so swollen that we had to put her back in bed and elevate them. Even though we had them up only about three inches, she declared that we had them in the ceiling and her head on the floor. She voiced her opinion of this for about 10 hours—very loudly. I know the staff though I was killing her.
    They kept coming in looking for a staff member—know they were checking to see if I was killing her. Late in the day a very understanding CNA came in and I discussed it with her. Told  her I was only doing what needed to be done for Mom. She says, “I know Betty, I noticed those swollen feet yesterday and knew they needed to go up—you’re doing the right thing even though she objects.”
    She went on to tell me that she’d taken care of her mother for about five years prior to her death and had some of the same problems I was experiencing. Was glad to know that I was not the only one who’d had to be firm with a parent.
  Bo and Rance did get in some hunting on Friday and Saturday—even got some meat for the freezer. Bo says Rance shot a deer and was out tracking it. While doing this he ran up on another deer and killed it outright. Finally found the other. Bo got to cut it up and get it all into the freezer.
  Bo was hunting, but his vision was not very good. He’d had a shot in his bad eye last  Friday and they’d hit a blood vessel–eye still looked terrible Thursday, but he said it was much better—glad I did not see it at its worst.
  Monday I had an appointment with Dr. Hall and was surprised that the waiting room was almost empty. Do hope the flu season is about over. I was fine, just needed some prescriptions renewed. It always fun to visit with Dr. Hall and it was also good to meet his new nurse, Brandy.
  After the visit to the doctor I got to visit with all the folks at Turnage while they were filling the prescriptions. Along with all the regulars, Bennie was there and he’s always a joy to talk to.
  More medical visiting came after I was back in the office. Cinnamon Foster dropped in and she reported that she’d been out of her office for two months—had had pneumonia. She was on the mend, though, and I sure hope she takes care of herself. Do love that child.
  The only flu victim I’ve talked to is Pierce Epes. He says that the whole family had it. Andi came down first, then him, followed by the teenage twins, and last the nine-year-old. They are all almost well and I’m glad. Don’t like my friends sick.
  Hope no one else gets the bug.
  We’ve had several youngsters in today—seems that they’re enjoy their holiday. Many adults must have also gotten the holiday—newspaper staffs just don’t get Monday holidays. Oh well, maybe the 4th of July will fall on a day other than Monday.

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