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Art Talk

What Are You Working On Now?
A Series With Local Artists

By Andi Bedsworth

I am amazed at how many talented people work and live in our little part of the state. This past week, I spoke with another artist, John Forsyth to learn what he is working on now, and as with all the other artists, I was thrilled to speak with him.
Forsyth is working on more than one project as many artists do, and has a sassafras table he is creating, a watercolor in progress, and a concrete sculpture waiting for him to start. Considering himself an untrained artist, he says he “doesn’t have to play by the rules.”
He has had a class in color theory but no other formal studies in art. This freedom seems to allow him unlimited creativity in what he chooses to concentrate on at any given time. He can make drums out of deer hide, build furniture, paint, make tools, and has even worked on a music video creating sets.
His studio walls contain an ongoing mural for him to add to as he wishes, and he hopes to open the studio up to the public sometime this spring. He has sold his work in various places including BTC Grocery, Bozarts Gallery and even from his home.
Speaking of BTC Grocery, John feels that in Water Valley, “many artists are trying to be the change” as the BTC stands for. This year he decided “he wants to be the change in his community.”         He lives in Pine Valley and spends a lot of time here and says he has put stucco on many of the buildings and poured lots of concrete in Water Valley. This work combined with his artistic contributions seems to be proof that this artist is already a change in his community.

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