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Tittle Tales

Pups Get Training From Helpful Valley Volunteer

By Amy Tittle

There are dozens of people living here in Water Valley who offer so much to this community. If you take the time to ask questions, like I often do, then I’m sure you’ve already realized the wealth of knowledge you can gain from listening to people who have stories to tell and wisdom to offer.
After multiple conversations, questions, digging and research, finally I found someone with extremely valuable talents in dog training to help my situation. And the best part of all is that she is local. I encourage not only to buy local but also to seek out local resources and services for any kind of project, idea or information you need.
 I started researching dog training several months ago and decided that was exactly what my unruly, not so little, seven-month-old pups needed…as quickly as possible. I knew that all of their negative behavior traits had grown out of hand and needed to be corrected. So I started asking around for advice from other people  about different approaches they use with their dogs. And, I also asked around about a dog trainer.
Luckily, a dear friend of mine referred me to a very talented lady who is beyond incredible with the canine species, Mrs. Doni Burt. After hearing all the wonderful things about her training I decided to call her and ask for her help. I wasn’t sure what to expect at our first meeting, but after seeing first hand, not only the love but also the undeniable connection she has with dogs, I wanted what she was offering to teach me. Over the last several weeks I have been able to learn more about Mrs. Burt and realized this is truly a passion that has touched her life and something to which she is very dedicated.
She wrote an article in honor of her K-9 service dog, Dino, that passed away in September 2013. In her tribute article she explains many reasons why Dino was so special. Mrs. Burt and Dino went through service dog training together because of some medical issues she was having. Mrs. Burt began to study and read more extensively about canine body language and how to understand dogs because of how much Dino had already taught her.
Her technique is simple, natural and genuine, with authoritative love and consistent confidence. The results I have seen with my pups already have been amazing beyond description. She advised me on the best plan for my dogs because she knew the needs for their breed. I am deeply thankful to have met such a skilled, knowledgeable individual who offers not only seasoned guidance with our canine buddies, but also portrays love and patience though each level in training with both dog and owner.
Mrs. Burt has given me permission to include her contact information in my column in case there is anyone in need of her professional dog training services: Doni Burt, (662) 473-9659 or (662) 229-7016.
Mrs. Burt will answer questions and give advice based on her over 15 years experience.
There is no charge for her services. “I do this in memory of my K-9 service dog, Dino,” she said, “Keeper of my heart and soul.”

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