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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Paul Morin called last week to change the address on his and Dolores’ paper. We were so sorry that they had to leave the Valley because of health issues, but are glad to learn that they are now improving. Do miss them and it was good to hear from them. So many folks have called to find out how to communicate with them that I asked permission to publish their address and it was given. If you would like to write or send a card, the address is: Paul and Dolores Morin, 9130 Southfield Dr., Bridgeview, IL 60455-2242. Know they will enjoy hearing from you.
  Jim called early in the week last week to tell  me not to call him again when I was ailing. He declared that I gave him my itises over the phone. Will have to admit that he sounded worse than I did at my lowest. To add to his problem he had to sing that night. Told him he’d better make sure he could. The major problem with my ailments that are still lingering, in addition to the cough, is that I cannot sing. Talking is still a little rough, but when I try to sing not a note will come out—really not even a squeak.
  Jim also called Sissy (that’s Jimmie, whom he’s always claimed as the sister he never had.) Wanted to know if there was an over-the-counter remedy she’d suggest. She sent him straight to his doctor, so maybe he’s well by now.  However, I went to my doctor and I’m still not well—think it’s going to take spring weather to cure us all.
  When I arrived at the nursing home Thursday evening, I found Jimmie and Bo both coughing worse than me and they’ve had this stuff longer. Mom was also coughing and she’s coughing up mucus. She’s had antibiotic shots, by mouth antibiotics,  cough syrup and everything else they can give her. I was using Halls cough drops and they were giving me more relief from the cough than anything. Mom took her syrup and in about two hours (4 p.m.) she was coughing again. I ask her if she could suck a cough drop, to which she answered, “Of course!”I gave her one and almost immediately she stopped coughing and when I left at 8:30 that night she was still sleeping peacefully.
  Cold weather really kept folks in last Wednesday morning. David came in to help with delivering the papers and we made short work of it. There were very few vehicles on the road and even fewer folks in the stores. When we got to Dunn’s Country Store in the Sylva Rena Community, it looked deserted. The faithful few present were Bobby Schmitz and Gaylon Booker. Usually there will be at least one full table and sometimes two.
  Wednesday really did not seem as cold to me as it had on Tuesday. The wind on that day made for some low wind-chill temps. Know the weather man in Tupelo stated that Oxford had a three degree reading, but it just did not feel that cold. Later in the day I walked to the post office and to the bank without a coat.
  On the way to the bank I ran into J. Clayton, so I decided it was time I check out his business. His father, Jim, was also there and we all enjoyed a delightful visit. Also looked around the store a little and they have some beautiful things. Plan on going back for a more extensive tour, when I have more time.
    The Peacocks very carefully explained that Mickey Howled had written his column all on his own, with only verification from them that I’d not been in the store—saying they would never have kidded me about not frequently their business. I know that if it had bothered them, they’d just have come and gotten me for a guided tour—we’ve been great friends for many years. Don’t think anything could every break this friendship and we  can certainly joked with each other. We bragged on several of the new businesses and one established one—Sartain’s and the current owner, Joey Hastings and his family. They are a real asset to the Valley and we all longing looked forward to summer and Hastings peaches. We also appreciated the fine service there and the great  prices.
  I’m still spreading the news of all our wonderful new and established businesses in the Valley as I sit in the nursing home. Had a couple of ladies call last week to tell me they’d been over and several more have promised to get here. They loved the food at BTC and shopping in all our out-of-the ordinary shops.
  When David made up the Church Page last week, he came around to make sure he’d read Woodland Hills Sunday night service schedule correctly. Said he’d never heard of a Baptist Church adjusting their service schedule to the Super Bowl Kick-off. Well we did and even over did it. Bro. Lynn started the service at 4:30, promising to get everyone home in time for kick-off. He did, and with time to spare, and we heard a great sermon. He says there are great short sermons and great long sermons and he could deliver both. He is such a comic, but he also delivers what he promises. We also had pretty good attendance—better than the churches that just canceled service all together and many did.
  Bo, even though he’s retired, still keeps up with what’s going on at MDOT. The Batesville crews were on the Gulf Coast during the winter storm there early last week. Bo says they reported that there was very little to work with down there. They so rarely get winter weather.
    However, they really got a blast and the entire area was almost at a stand-still. Bo said the report was that they were using all the salt they could get, all the slag, and even the ground up asphalt that had been removed from the highways. Even with the locals abiding by the suggestion that they stay home, there were still lots of wrecks and stranded folks from people just traveling through. It sounded like a mess. Do hope we miss all the winter weather.
  The eastern seaboard is scheduled for another round of cold, snowy and icy weather at the end of the week and it’s coming across the mid-west and up through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania again. I feel for those folks.
  Wildlife Report—When I arrived home Sunday morning, crossing the backyard was a flock of about 20 turkeys. They were not even 50 feet from me and the van arriving did not disturb them at all. They just ambled on across the yard and even when I got out and slammed the door, they only looked up, went on eating, and slowing moved to the west. That’s the most wild turkeys I’ve ever seen together.
    Had I had my gun I do believe that I could have killed at least two.

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