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Tittle Tales

Youngest Tittle Signs Up To ‘Tackle’ T-Ball

By Amy Tittle

Well y’all, I am proud to say I am officially a baseball/T-ball mom again, this time for my youngest son, Levi. And, I am a proud supporter of Crawford Sports Complex.
My husband and I began talking to Levi several weeks ago about playing T-ball. He was extremely interested and eager to begin playing. We were tickled but curious as to why he was so fixed about playing since he had never played before or had any real knowledge of this sport. We questioned him to make sure he really knew what we were talking about. One of his first answers was, “Don’t worry about me being in the outfield, because I know how to tackle.” He also reassured us that he knew how to hike the ball. My favorite comment from him was when he asked “I wonder what they do at half time?”  
Following every hilariously confusing comment, my husband or I would clue him in that those things pertained to football not T-ball. I think he’s getting the idea. Let’s hope so anyway, before he decides to clothesline the kid at second base. I have high hopes for him this year learning how to play the game and having fun doing it.
This week I was asked 450 million times if it was time to go to the baseball field and register for T-ball. Ok…maybe not that many times, but it seriously felt like it. Yes! My little snaggled tooth Batman/Spiderman impersonating five-year-old was enthusiastically delighted about signing up for T-ball at Crawford Sports Complex. He woke up asking, went to bed asking and I may have heard him ask out loud in his sleep, also. Needless to say he was ready and set to go when Saturday morning finally rolled around.
After my failure in winning him over to eat breakfast, he quickly put on his jacket and shoes all while pretending to be the Incredible Hulk and smashing everything in sight. Anxiously sliding into my husband’s truck like a scene from Dukes of Hazard, he quickly buckled with one click and shouted with a toothless smile, “Let’s Roll!” After loading all the baseball equipment in the back of his truck my husband and older son joined my elated preschooler and they headed to the ball park.
A little later my daughter and I met them for lunch and I was very curious to hear what my youngster had to say about his experience signing up. He was a little disappointed that they did not have practice on registration day, but very excited about his uniform and games. My husband set up our T-ball tee on one of the fields after registering him, so Levi could get some batting practice in before lunch and that seemed to suffice him until his practice and games start.
I’m thrilled that he is so excited to play and hoping all his competitive energy will be channeled through this dynamic sport. I’m looking forward to this year’s T-ball season at Crawford and more than anything excited about watching my youngest son play and learn the game.

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