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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Last Tuesday long-time subscriber, Bob Ruther-ford, called to tell us of a very thoughtful and possible even life-saving deed from his Beat Three Supervisor, Lee McMinn. Lee and his Beat Three crew checked on all the shut-ins and elderly in the beat to make sure they were alright during the inclement weather, checking to see if they needed anything.
  Now that’s a valuable service. I’m not elderly or a shut-in, except when ice is on my driveway. I’m sure they checked it and knew I could safely get down to the highway.
  We all should be aware of those around us who might need help and I appreciate Lee taking the lead to focus our attention on this fact. All the efforts of these men were deeply appreciated.
  After reading the paper the week before, I’d poked fun at Lee and Bro. Amos (Bro. Amos didn’t know about it). Told Lee that they really looked old in the front page picture. Knew his age because he’s a year younger than Jim, but when Jack asked how old he was I’d told him probably 58, maybe 59 if he’d already had a birthday. I’d added 10 years to his age. Lee is still 48 because he’s just a little over a year younger than Jim who will hit the big 50 on April 5.
  As I was kidding Jack about making a bad picture, he says, “Well they were in jail!” My reply was, “Yes and they look like they don’t expect to get out.”
    The old jail is a mess and I’m happy we’re about to build a new one. Know these men are glad that this may be their last inspection of this facility—only has to be done once a year, so maybe the new one will be ready by the 2015 inspection.
  Last Tuesday I came in a couple hours late. Drive-way was covered with snow and I didn’t know whether there was ice under it or not. David was coming for me at ten, but by then the wind had blown the snow away and there was no ice. I had no trouble getting down the hill.
  Again on Wednesday, though, I was not moving the van until I was sure I would not slid into the deep ditch at the foot of the hill. There was ice on the shrubs. However, when daylight arrived I found the driveway was just wet. This did make paper delivery to the stores an hour late.
  When you deliver an hour late you see a whole new group of folks.
  Was also surprised to see the school buses running. I’d been watching the news and most schools in the area were closed. The prediction was for more freezing rain later in the day, but thankfully it did not materialize.
    It was a very wet, cold day, though.
  Food was plentiful this weekend—gained three pounds.
  Relieving Bo about five Thursday, he says, “Stop by the house and we’ll feed you supper.” I did and ate way too much. He and Carolyn had cooked salmon patties, gravy, fried potatoes and cornbread—not diet food.
  Then they came by late Friday afternoon to tell me they were cooking again. This time I got chicken enchiladas, with the trimmings.
  Food came again Saturday night and this time it was more of my favorites—meatloaf, green bean casserole, Great Northern beans mashed potatoes, biscuits and tomato gravy. When Bo and Carolyn cook, they do it right.
  Usually they go out to eat on the weekend, but this week they felt sorry for me and stayed home to cook—I did enjoy!
  In addition to all this, Mom and I had snacked all day Friday and Saturday. We ate fruit in abundance, with some of the best early strawberries I’ve had in years. Came from Larson’s and were as cheap as they usually are in peak season. When I left, Mom says, “Be sure to bring more strawberries next week.” Hope they’re available.
  I cooked some Wright’s sausage and it was excellent. We’ve used their bacon for years and think it is the best, so I was pretty sure the sausage would be good. I really like sausage better than bacon and so I’ve eaten most of the pound. Know you’re wondering if I read the scale correctly—with all this food should have gained at least 10 pounds.
  Mom and I also enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. She’d say, “It sure is a beautiful day” and that was a joy to hear. Mom’s sight is very limited, but on sunshiny days she is able to see much better.
  There were several valentine parties in the nursing home and it was good to see several friends in the groups entertaining the residents.
  On Friday I ran into Bill Wilder, who is a member of Oakland Baptist Church. Bill’s mother was a sister to the late Faye Wilbourn and several other Jones siblings. Faye was a member of Camp Ground Church and a long-time friend. His brother, Don, is the husband of Shirley Hardy, Tony’s sister. Bill was telling me that Harold and Sue Hardy are moving back to the Valley in the near future.
  Bill gave me a jar of the best pickles I’ve ever eaten, and he’d made. They are hot, sweet, dills. It was a great visit with Bill and thanks for the pickles.
  Late Saturday the young men (teenagers) and their leaders from Pope Baptist Church came by to bring Mom a rose and a card.
  One of the leaders was Margaret Anne Kinne, granddaughter of Mom’s Sunday School teacher for many years. Margaret Anne and Mom also enjoyed a close relationship for many years. Margaret Anne is great with old folks and young folks.
  Then I met one of the boys in the group. He’s Walt Karr, son of Bubba Karr, who is a Water Valley native. Walt’s grandparents are Betty Fern Karr and the late Charles Karr, who lived on Clay Street, just west of  Mom and Dad Shearer and just east of Ludie, so I don’t remember when I didn’t know the Karrs. We usually walked to Ludie’s house and would wave, say hello, or stop for a visit with the Karrs on the way up or back—sometimes both.
  I think Bubba’s younger brother, David, and Jim were in the same class. Also, his wife, Jennifer Brown, is the daughter of one of my high school classmates, Yvonne Cannon Brown; and her father, Robert, was just one class above me. Do know a lot of this young man’s relatives.
  With the sunshine, many avid gardeners were itching to get seed in the ground. Do believe they might have to replant if they do—we’re still going to have some more cold weather, unless it’s a very unusual year. I’ll be happy with a nice warm sunny day just once in a while until spring arrives.

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