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Love What You Do And It Isn’t Work

By Charles Cooper

Hello everyone, hope you came through the cold weather okay. I’ve known Paul Parker and Don Holloway as long as I can remember and my condolences to both families in their passing.  It seems that in the last year I’ve lost so many old friends.
On a lighter note, we had  my son, Jamie, with us for the last two weeks and since he hadn’t been home in over a year it was a happy time for all of us.  It occurred to me that since he lives so far away, why not do a personal interview with him?
Jamie was born on July 3, 1979 and attended all 12 years in the West Memphis school system, graduating in 1997.  He went one year to the local community college and then enrolled in the University of Central Arkan-sas where he majored in journalism and also worked as a police reporter for the Log Cabin Democrat, the local newspaper in Conway, the first two years and then changed to creative writing and received a scholarship to the creative writing workshop at the University of Iowa, one of the top writing schools in the United States.
He also taught there for two years, receiving his masters in 2004. Then he worked in nearly every department at a five-day newspaper in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, for about a year.
While at the university, he had met a young lady, Nicole Zdeb, from Hartford, Conn.,  never realizing she was to be his future wife. When she got an offer of an excellent job in Portland, Ore., he resigned and moved there.
This is Jamie’s own part of the interview in his own words: “Mother and Dad never pushed me except to always do the right thing, tell the truth and take responsibility for my actions.  They worked hard and as parents I realize they hated to see me go so far away. But, they supported me and always were proud of me in whatever career I chose.  
“Writing is my first love and teaching second and I’ve been fortunate to do both by teaching in two online universities and writing for sport magazines, which also gets me, at times, in the press box when the Trail Blazers are in town. I realize this isn’t the best paying profession but as dad is always quoting, Mark Twain, ‘I believe, If you love what you are doing, it really isn’t work.’”  
Jamie, your Mother  and I are still supportive of you and proud of what you’ve accomplished and we love you very much.  
My email address is or write me at P.O. Box 613189 Memphis, TN 38101.
So, let me hear from you and have a great week.

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