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Letter To The Editor – Feb. 27, 2014

‘Shortcutters’ Dangerous To Normal Drivers

To Whom It May Concern:

Ok, now that I’ve lived here almost six years, I can say I have the right to complain about people who use The Sprint Mart Gas Station as a thoroughfare to get to Martin Street.
I have watched people countless times speed through the gas station just so they don’t have wait for the red light that turns onto Martin Street.
On Monday, Feb. 24, I was pulling into the Sprint Mart to get gas. The station had a large truck pulled up on the right, which was delivering goods to the station. As I was driving to get to the gas pump, a car drove right in where I was to get gas.
So that meant I had to back out and back in to the gas pump closest to the station. Though it was a little tricky because of the large delivery truck, that was not the problem.
The problem was the driver was using the gas station to do a short cut to get to Martin Street.
As customers of Sprint Mart, we should not have to make way for the idiots who come barreling through the gas station because of their lack of manners or patience.
Not only do these folks cause an inconvenience for people just trying to get gas, but also can cause undue accidents by driving carelessly.
I called the police to let them know about this issue.
Next time you think its OK to use a gas station just to miss a red light–you may get yourself a ticket.

Have a nice day.
Pati D’Amico

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