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Art Talk

By Andi Bedswell

This week we will continue on our artist series, “What Are Your Working On Now?”
Coulter Fussell spent some time speaking with me about what she is currently busy with. She is a resident of the Valley who paints and co-owns Yalo Studio with Megan Kingery Patton on Main Street.
Right now, Fussell is primarily focusing her attentions on graphic design. When asked about her training, she explained that she is self-taught and began working on Photoshop when she was in high school. She started doing graphic design for hire when people would ask for her help on various projects. She says that often when one is an artist people ask “you to make things for them.”
In response to their requests, she was willing to give graphic design a try even though she does think she brings a painter’s approach to her graphic work. She has made designs for album covers, CDs, logos, t-shirts and more.
Thacker Mountain Radio, Yalobusha Brewing Co. and a restaurant in Greenwood keep her busy. Working with her husband, Amos Harvey, who is the Operations Manager and a brewer at Yalobusha Brewing Com-pany has been a lot of fun for Fussell. She says they work well together and have the same work ethic and aesthetic. She also enjoys working for Andy O’Bryan, co-owner of the brewery. For their logo, she researched the Illinois Central Railroad and used their logo as inspiration for the one she created. She likes the research part of designing and bringing it all together with meaning and context.
Still considering herself a painter, she comments that it is quicker for her to make a living in graphic design as she can design many more posters in the same time it takes her to complete a large painting. She recently switched to Illustrator by Adobe and is continually learning her craft as she goes along.
With so much talent, it is no surprise to see that this painter can also create works of art on the computer. Please send me your arts related news to

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