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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

 We’ve had some of the coldest north wind this winter, I think, ever in my lifetime. Last Wednesday morning was the worst. Usually when I get in the van to make the paper route I take off my heavy coat. Not last week—kept it on for the entire trip.
  Encountered some  gentlemen investing their money very unwisely (word I used was stupidly and I rarely every use that word) at Water Valley Food and Gas Mart. They were buying the little scratch off gambling tickets. Linda and I urged them to just put the money in her tip cup. I even suggested paying it on the national debt (not that that does much good either), throwing it in the street (fellow who finds it might use it more wisely) or any other use of money that came to mind. They didn’t listen. Oh well, we tried.
    This was not a one time incident—it happens almost every week. I have to work to hard for money. If I feel like throwing it away, I’ll buy chocolate (or some other goodie that’s not good for me).
  Arrived at Dunn’s and found most of the regulars braving that cold wind to be back at their breakfast post. They seemed to be having a great time.
  Delivering papers to the hospital, I was glad to see renovations seemed to be moving right along. It’s always good to see the progress being made and it is going to be very pretty.
  Back in the office I had to brave the wind again to deliver papers to B.T.C.  It’s not bad walking down the street, but coming back north is another story. Was in B.T.C. at lunch today  (Monday) to get a sandwich and found some pretty strawberries and Alexe says that she will have baby Vidalia onions—can’t wait. I do like onions and don’t think I’ve every had anything but mature vidalians. Do like green onions, so I’m sure these will be delicious.
  Arriving at Mom’s room Thursday afternoon I got some better news. Brother Terry (Buddy) of Brandon had fallen and fractured four vertebrae in his back. After the MRI, the doctors determined that he would probably heal with just therapy—thankfully no surgery.  Brothers Bo and Rance had talked to him and said he sounded upbeat.
  Mom was feeling good and her therapist reported that she is doing very well. We don’t see it, but think we just expect to much of a 99 year-old. We all want her to get up, run, and maybe even cook for us. Not being able to do what she’s always done, I’m sure, is harder on her than it is on us.
  Was with her until bedtime  Thursday and then all day Friday and Saturday. Mostly visited with her, watched TV and read.
  I like the cooking shows, old westerns, and old movies. They have Turner Classic and American Classic channels, so find some pretty good stuff most weeks. This past week most of the shows were some I’d already seen. Cried through Titanic again.
    Did catch the end of one movie—don’t know what it was or even what channel it was on. The TV had been left on this channel and I flipped it on while doing something for Mom. It played for a few minutes and as I sat down to find a show I was familiar with the dialogue caught my attention. A man who had been married for 26 years, lost his wife, and became a priest (don’t know whether this can actually happen, but that was the story line). He was telling the young man he was counseling before his marriage (he was having trouble committing) that the best 26 years of his life were being married to the wife he adored and the best day of his life was the day he married her. I could identify with that even though the day I married Ed was second best (best was the day I accepted Christ as my savior). I’m sure the priest  knew that was a given. I hope I get to see this movie from beginning to end some day.
  Ed’s 79th birthday will be Saturday and at birthday time he’s always remembered—usually several weeks before and after. Can’t believe that he’ll be 79.
  A problem with these cold winter days is that the mice seem to find ways to get inside to the heat and food.
  One got into my bedroom at Mom’s Friday night and he got stuck on a sticky trap. Didn’t die immediately and was making an awful fuss. Woke me up and I decided to let him have the room. Grabbed me a blanket and went to the couch. Got all settled in and then realized that there was another bed in the house that was not being used, so I made another change to Mom’s bed. Was very comfortable, but her room has been sheetrocked and painted. It has not been cleaned since this renovation and the dust was terrible. I slept there anyway but it did a number on my sinuses. I’d just about gotten well, but again have watering eyes and nose and am coughing. So far though, I’ve not lost my voice. Was able to sing in the choir Sunday.
  Jimmie called Bo to get my dead mouse removed. Jokingly he says, “I’ll get it and put it in her bed.” I just laughed and informed her that would never happen. She wanted to know why. Well if he did, I’d drop dead of heart failure and he didn’t want that because then he’d have two more days of Mom sitting. Powerful weapon, when you’re already shut up  inside that room for a couple of days a week. We love Mom dearly, but you can only take so much confinement.
  Usually by the time Daylight Savings Time arrives I’m ready for it. Not so this year. I barely made it to church on time Sunday morning. Bo came on up to Mom’s to make sure I was up—just barely was. I really overslept. Then on Monday, I made myself get up after waking at 7:20. Usually I wake up before six—don’t know what’s causing my sleepiness.
  We also have sheetrock dust and paint fumes at church. Steve Ford is making sheetrock repairs, putting up moulding and chair rail, and doing painting. At prayer meeting Wednesday night we just turned a few tables toward the kitchen and put Bro. Lynn against the serving bar. Some left over cookies from a social had been left there. He says, “OK, prayer meeting will continue until midnight, or until the cookies run out!” He does like cookies, and confesses that they are his favorite dessert. His wit is so charming and he is such a great teacher and preacher—rarely do you get all this in one man.
  Students seem to be enjoying their holiday and I know the teachers are also. I think the Herald staff needs a spring break.

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