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Tittle Tales

How Much Longer Will The Trees Be Naked?

By Amy Tittle

Spring is trying its best to stay here in the Valley and produce that lovely color we all want to see, GREEN. My five-year-old son asked, “How much longer will the trees be naked?”
Spring also brings a very special event in the Tittle household. Our only daughter, Shelby, sandwiched in the middle of our boys, turned nine this past week. All I have to say is, let the celebration begin. We started on Thursday, which was her real birthday, with presents and cake from my parents and us. That proceeded into a fun day of her dance class, then my zumba class and then a Mexican dinner where we finished the night off with a pie in the face for dessert, compliments of El Charrito.
Thursdays are her normal dance class day, but this Thursday was a little different. It was parents’ night, which meant the parents were able to see a sneak peek of the dances they will be performing in this year’s dance recital in May. In honor of Miss Shelby blooming into a nine year old girl, I made blue raspberry cupcakes with white fluffy icing topped with a generous portion of blue raspberry cotton candy. YEP! I’m pretty sure the sugar content was explosive but totally acceptable for birthdays…right?  
These cupcakes were her request and a wonderful find for me on Pinterest. Whew! What a fun but exhausting day. My mom came up from Florida to join this unique birthday weekend, help with decorating for the “big” party on Saturday and visit with her grandkids.
We had her party this past Saturday which included her girlfriends and more cotton candy. She chose to go with a theme from this years new Disney movie, Frozen. So my dining room went from the bat cave this past November to now an ice castle trimmed with silver glitter and snowflakes. I enjoy decorating and having the kids involved, but as Shelby said, “Mom, you’re probably going to sleep A LOT when this whole thing is over, aren’t you?” And, yes I certainly have already.
There was a lot of planning and preparation involved from painting, glittering to baking cupcakes, cookies and dipping the marshmallow pops in white chocolate and so much more. During the party I brought out some prepared ingredients which involved frozen shaving cream, baking soda, peppermint extract and silver glitter to create their own snow. The girls made their own snowmen and huge snowballs and they had a blast. I now have a new fun tactile activity for the kids to do that is entertaining and sharpens motor skills.
When it was all said and done, it was all worth it for our precious nine-year-old daughter and I would do it all over again in her honor. Shelby has also decided to participate in this year’s Watermelon pageant on March 29, so I am very excited to be able to support Water Valley and encourage my children to be involved with this community. I guess its time to go dress shopping…oh boy!

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