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Art Talk

By Andi Bedsworth

In my journey as a costume designer, seamstress and such, I have often hesitated to call myself an artist. I have noticed in interviewing local artists for this column that some of them also feel uncomfortable or intimidated by the word. Many people feel they must have a degree in art or be formally trained to be considered an artist.
When I looked up the word in Wiktionary, one definition is “a person who creates art.” There is some dispute over what is considered art as it is very subjective and means something different to various people. Some people think there is a difference between arts and crafts. However, I think that art can be anything created by someone’s hands and mind. So with that loose interpretation, an artist could be any person who creates something with his/her own hands and imagination. That can cover a broad spectrum of people including chefs, bakers, carpenters, interior decorators, home builders, gardeners and more.
Isn’t there an art to baking a cake that looks as good as it tastes?     
And how many of us have been in a house that looks polished and detailed in each and every corner?
I have seen some gardens that look like paintings with all of the plants carefully chosen for their form, color and texture. Simple necessities such as blankets, quilts and clothes become works of art when someone takes the time to design, construct and sew them.
 This column has featured wood workers, quilters, painters, graphic designers, collage artists, and more. They are all artists. I wonder how many people out there have an artistic talent that they use to make their own world a brighter place. I like to think that everyone does since most all of use our minds and hands to create new things every single day. I do not know about you, but all of a sudden, the word “artist” does not seem so intimidating. Please send me your arts related news to

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