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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Lenten Luncheons began last Thursday, and will continue through Holy Week, at First United Methodist Church. Lucia Holloway had been over and invited me to attend. These are programs I’ve always enjoyed. Most folks know that I’m a member of a Baptist church, but I have strong Methodist ties, also. My father and his family were all Methodist and Ed grew up in FUMC—Mom and Dad Shearer were very active in the church. Ed also sang in most of the special musical programs throughout his life and they even let me sing on several occasions.
    I was late getting out of the office Thursday, but went on anyway, thinking I’d just listen to the music and message. No way you can do that—you have to eat. And eat I did. The food was all so good and I enjoyed way to much of it. Only ate one bite of dessert. I stole a bite of Lucia’s chocolate cake, which was one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth. She said it was her third piece, so she’d share a little. The ham, potato casserole,  green beans, and fruit salads were all delicious.
  Then came the program. Shirley Berry sang and she’s always been great, but I really believe she gets better every time I hear her. One of her songs was  a hymn that Ed had played saxophone in the musical group backing her up—of course I really enjoyed that.
  After being  introduced by Pastor Allen McGraw, Blair Jernigan, Lay Leader for the Senatobia District, brought the devotional. When he got up I thought, “This man is way to young for this position.”  In his first remarks, telling us a little about his life, he says, “I spent 34 years in the U.S. Air Force as a pilot.”         Whispered to Lucia, “They must have taken him from the delivery room into the Air Force.” His AF stories were so wonderful and they really illustrated  his sermon. I could have listened all afternoon, unfortunately I, along with the others, had to go back to work.
  We’d gotten a mini-devotional from Rev. McGraw in his introduction,  explaining to us just what Lenten is.
  Was a great service and I’m looking forward to Thursday’s program. Hope I can get there.
  These luncheon/devotions are open to everyone—the Methodist are so hospitable.
  Was good to see Wanda and Ann Larson, Nell Cox and several other friends there.
  Have been working on the books, getting ready for tax season. We’re not late—we have an extension. It’s a good thing these are granted, because the years seem to be getting shorter and shorter. We may have to start burning the mid-night oil.
  After I got to a stopping place, I went on over to relieve Bo in the nursing home. He’d had Mom for most of four days. Carolyn had been sick, so Jimmie was babysitting Caroline, leaving Carolyn with just Briley. One is much easier than trying to keep two, especially if you are not feeling well.
  Bo was just about worn out, so we only visited a few minutes and he went home to cook supper and help Carolyn with Briley.
  On Friday didn’t have any company until late in the day when Bo brought me a barbecue from Burns. We recalled the days when the only barbecue you got was Burns and Leonards in Memphis—and they were both good. Now you find barbecue on just about every menu and there are many dedicated barbecue restaurants.
    Bo came in and says, “Brought you a “White Pig.”  In the 50s and 60s Burns was on Hwy. 51 in Batesville and you ordered outside—the order was a “White Pig” or a “Brown Pig.”
    I didn’t care which—liked both. The Burns family has always served delicious food.
  Again, on Saturday, Mom and I had no visitors. We talked, ate and watched TV. Saturday was Ed’s 79th birthday and the movie at noon was “12 O’clock High,” his favorite. I sat down and watched it mostly through the tears. Each time I see this film I’m amazed that those planes were able to fly back to their base with so much damage. The mechanics would patch them up and they’d fly other missions. Also most of these pilots and crews were not mature men—they were kids in their teens and early 20s.
  A lot of the flying scenes were actual battle footage. I know the Memphis Belle was one of the B-17s and I think I’ve seen a couple of other planes involved in this movie. It was really great to see it again and on this special day.
  I think most of the plants in our area bloomed over the weekend. I saw pear, plum, peach, apple, forsythia, hawthorne, and fields of daffodils, in bloom. Even my hybrid daffodils are blooming. Kept thinking I’m going to see a dogwood before the week’s gone. They always bloom on Easter weekend, which is not until April 20. However it can be as early as March 29, I think. Wonder how those trees know when it’s time for them to bloom?
  Report from students and teachers was that they enjoyed spring break.
  Now we have  baseball, softball, and tennis seasons and then graduation will be here. Year’s going fast.
  Was so sorry to read the obit of Mr. Robert Reid. Knew I’d missed Mr. Robert at the Lenten Lunch, but had not realized he was that ill. Sympathy is extended to Becky (Jones) and to his entire family.

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