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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Friend Earl Babb, who is a graduate of Northwest Mississippi Junior College, called today (Monday) to tell me that a reunion of members of the Classes of 1956 and 57 is being planned for Wednesday, April 23. The classes will gather at 11 o’clock in Western Sizzlin at Batesville. Earl says though, that if you’re late just come on anyway because folks will probably be there until one or later.
  All members of these two classes are urged to attend and members of other mid 50s NWJC classes are also welcome.
  I graduated in 1957 and also knew most of the class of ‘56 and of ‘58. Do hope I can attend. It’s always so much fun to get together with former NWJC students—we were just like one big, happy family.
  I often see Earl, and Glynn Gabbert drops in occasionally and we always enjoy visiting. Of course Ed and Don Holloway were in these classes, as was Dale Shaw, and several others. Told Earl that I’d have to go home tonight, get out my annuals, and check to see just exactly who we did go to school with.
  Had to miss the First Methodist Lenten Luncheon last Thursday. Sure hated to miss hearing Raymond preach—he’s a favorite. Also missed the fellowship and the food—both are great.
  Brother Bo had Steve Ford coming to finish some work on his house and he wanted to help. To do this he needed a sitter for Thursday and I was elected. All the Herald  staff rushed to get the statements completed on Wednesday so I could go over that night.
  Bo and Carolyn were taking up their dining room flooring and it was a big job. The old covering had been glued down with I think Gorilla Glue (must have been Super Glue—that flooring pre-dates Gorilla). When I arrived about seven Wednesday night, I stopped to see the progress. Carolyn was still working and urged me to get a pry tool and help. My excuse was that I had on clean jeans that I was wearing the next day and could not get them dirty—any excuse will do.
  This chore brought back memories of some 40 years ago when Ed took up the tile on our kitchen and bathroom floors. He tried everything and then finally wound up using heat. He burned up my iron and hair dryer, then went for the torch. I’m surprised that he didn’t burn the house down. Probably the only thing that saved it was that our sub-floor was one-inch hardwood.
  Bo and Carolyn’s was particle board—don’t think they’d have been able to use the heat method.
  Their fingers were so sore, and back and knees were completely done in. After finishing on Saturday night, both of them were having trouble moving Sunday morning. Using all the high-powered joint and muscle creams they could find, and then a hot shower, they were able to make it to church.
  Thursday night I watched the storm coming. Mom’s window at the nursing home in Batesville has a perfect vantage point for storms coming out of the west or northwest. As the sun went down, the sky was a bright orange—really erie. Then as night settled in, the clouds became very dark and were just rolling.
  Our sitter came in just before eight and reported that it had just begun to sprinkle. Usually we chat for half-hour or so, but I decided I’d better just speak and head for home, thinking maybe I’d beat the hard rain.
    Wrong! As I turned out of the nursing driveway onto Woodland it began raining hard, turning onto  Eureka Road, it got even worse, then as I turned south on 51 the bottom fell out. It was like water being poured out of a bucket—I couldn’t see the road, could barely see the on coming cars, and it was like driving through a river.
  Friday night was a repeat performance. However, on Friday the storm did not stop when I arrived home. The lightening and thunder lit up the sky and jarred the house until about two in the morning. Needless to say, I got very little sleep—I get up at four.
  Was sure glad to see sunshine late in the afternoon Saturday and a little moon when I went home.
  Got home and made some spaghetti and a salad. I’d just been too tired to cook the previous two nights, so I was hungry for a hot meal.
  Mom and I had a good three days. She ate well, walked a little and we talked some. Thanks to all of you who ask about her each week.
  Jim had a big birthday party Saturday night. Celeste pulled off this surprise affair. Jimmie and I had planned to attend, but just couldn’t work out a schedule to get there. Talked to him this morning and he said it really was a total surprise and was a wonderful party, with many friends attending, a spread of great food, and lots of good music.
  His birthday actually is not until this Saturday (April 5) but the party had to be held a week early because both he and Celeste have to play this weekend.
  Jimmie and I hope to visit them later in the summer and Al and Betty Davis and I are also planning a trip, eventually. We’ll just have two more parties when we can get there. Oh, it was Jim’s 50th—neither of us can believe this.
  Robert Montgomery was in this morning and I was glad to see him. Had missed his visits for a couple of weeks and was beginning to worry about him. After our visit, I realized I needed to be worried about him. He has a serious heart problem, that warrants open heart surgery. Put him on your prayer list. He’s been a dear friend for over 55 years—I was in my early 20s and he was a pesty teenager.
    I’m sure he’s going to be okay, though, because he, like Ludie always told me, has been so bad that God doesn’t want us yet. Do love him and wish him the best.
  Tuesday was April Fools Day and I’m sure some of us will be gotten.

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