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Letter To The Editor – Apr. 10, 2014

‘Well Organized, Well Disciplined’ Describes AIMS Competition

Dear Editor,
    Hats off to Bob Tyler, Yalobusha Economic Tour-ism and Development Dis-trict Director, for bringing the North-Half State Com-petition for Archery In Mis-sissippi Schools to Yalo-busha County last week. Approximately 1,600 students competed during the two day event, with schools from Flowood to Desoto. We watched a spectacular event take place thanks to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, & Parks and the MDWFP Foundation.
    We want to express a very big thank you to all people from Yalobusha County who volunteered their time to make sure this was a successful event–especially to the Yalobusha Economic Tourism and De-velopment District, the Yalobusha Supervisors, the Water Valley Ambassadors, the Yalobusha Homemakers Club, the Yalobusha County Agent, Brent Gray, and the Extension Service, the Cof-feeville Chamber of Com-merce, TVEPA, the Yalo-busha 4-H Shooters Club, and a host of volunteers from all parts of the county.
    We were totally im-pressed with the AIMS program that Waldo Cleland and his staff from MDWFP and the Foundation have put together for Mississippi school students. This is definitely a sport that all Mississippi schools need to put into place for their students. It was an awesome experience to see such a well organized, well disciplined sporting event for the young people of Missis-sippi!
Tyler & Jan Dean Wortham

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