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Letter To The Editor – Apr. 17, 2014

Put Jail Inmates Back To Work

    After reading the article about the new jail, enlarging it to the tune of almost tripling the size from 24 to about 72 beds and costing tax payers more, my first thought was “if the law gave these criminals the proper punishment, then there wouldn’t be return trips to jail!”
    Many are return criminals so obviously, it’s not to bad being there!  Put them on work farms, clean up streets, etc! I am sick of our  police and law enforcement doing their job, only to have these criminals put back on the streets in no time at all by Mississippi Department of Corrections and  judges.
    This is a regular practice  these days. In Jackson, many of the arrested have been arrested over 15 times and turned loose! Thank God for those men and women that keep our town safe, regardless of the situation they deal with!
    If they did punishment like they did in the good ole days, you wouldn’t see the need for huge jails like you see today! My Pop was a U.S. Marshal at Parchman in the 20s and 30s, a time when inmates raised huge gardens, sold produce, canned, raised beef etc. They were productive, but they didn’t want to go back! Now, they just want “their rights”!
    They should have to work for their pay, and citizens should not have to support these criminals.  Hence, I have to clean up my street of mounds of litter  because the prisoners are not allowed to because of what?     Rights?
    I was under the impression that you surrender your rights when in jail! I looked to see if a pool and tennis court is included for the new jail!
    I just read about the felon  in Florida that’s been arrested eight times since 2000, ran into a day care with small kids, killing  one and injuring 15. What in the world was he doing out? I’m afraid of what I’d do as a grandparent, if that happened to one of mine! Too much political correctness  these days, but doesn’t work for me!!
Glenda Griffith
Water Valley, Ms

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