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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    The major topic of gatherings in the Valley over the past week has been the speculation of a Walmart Express coming to town. I’ve heard everything from it will turn us into a ghost town to it will make us a boomtown—don’t think either will happen. My ears are tired from listening to the many scenarios put forth.
  The best solution to the problem I’ve heard was from a long-time Main Street businessman. He told of another time a business, with the possibility of putting the Valley under, to be WV bound—it did materialize. He says, “I just put in better merchandise, for which a higher price was required, and the people came to buy (I’m sure his profit margin went up)”.
    Sounded like a way to fight off competition to me. I know if we had a Ray’s, Stubbs, or any of the other great mercantile businesses in the Valley today, they, not Walmart, would get my dollars. He said when this business came he just prayed about it and the Lord’s direction took care of it. He suggested those in the office, who were sure their businesses were doomed, use the same power that had helped him through way back then.
    Walking out our door, he turned and said, “get on your knees”. I’m with him—it definitely does work.
  My solution, which I know will not work (would if everyone did it), is to just not buy from them. If they don’t have sales they’ll go away. It would work except for the fact that more than half of the Valley wants the Walmart—so they’ll still have plenty of Valley customers frequent their business.
  Included in the non-Walmart shoppers will be me. I like to grocery shop at Larson’s. They have the best meat in the area, and everything else is very good, and reasonably priced. The service is great and the staff is so friendly. You can’t beat Sartain’s or Magnolia Sales. If they don’t have what you want, either of them will get it for you, and here again the service and staffs can’t be beat. And I love Fred’s, Dollar General, Valley Lumber, and all the smaller shops.
  Ate my favorite sandwich (bologna) from B.T.C. at noon today. Also came home with some fresh pickling cucumbers (which I prefer to eat over slicers) and fresh corn. All their food, both ready to eat and for taking home to cook, is great. And you can’t beat the visiting with both the staff and the customers. Prices are also very competitive.
  With all this going for us, do you really think Walmart is going to create a ghost town?
  Now to the good part of last week. Going on over to the nursing home in Batesville Thursday afternoon, I drove very slowly. The trees, grass and the many flowering plants were so pretty. Don’t think I’ve ever seen the wisteria and azaleas prettier.
  Saw my favorite beagle again. He looks like the beagle in one of the dog food commercials. He’s a beautiful little dog and just smiles all the time.
  I’ve gotten into commercials—told you I was watching way to much TV. I love the little boys on the Febreze Allergen advertisement. The one where these two little boys are shown allergens and they say, “Ooh!” Then they’re ask what they would use to get rid of them. One says, “Ninjas.”
    Of course they’re told Ninjas would not be required, just to use Febreze. The expressions on these children’s faces are priceless—I’m sure they’re selling lots of this product. I had to ask what a Ninja was—glad I did not have to go find one to get rid of my allergens.
  Jimmie was in late Saturday to tell Mom and me about the Pope Baptist Church egg hunt. Last year they had about 125 children show up to hunt eggs on a bad cold raining afternoon. She said they’d prepared eggs for at least that many this year—thinking, that with the beautiful warm sunny day, they’d have an overflow crowd. She reported that only about 25 showed up and that those attending picked up eggs until they were tired, so the adult eggs hiders had to also become hunters to retrieve  all the eggs.
  Carolyn had pictures of Briley and Caroline sitting in the grass just playing with the eggs they’d found—they had tired of the hunting—doesn’t take long for a one and two year old to tire of anything.
  The number of youngsters out for egg hunting at Woodland Hills last Wednesday night was also way down. Think everyone got plenty of eggs filled with candy, and also hot dogs, chips and cupcakes. There was so much food that all of us adults attending prayer meeting got to enjoy hot dogs, chips, and cup cakes.
  We enjoyed breakfast at Woodland Hills Sunday morning, prior to worship service at 10:30. Had a good crowd and the food was all delicious and the fellowship was great.
  Bro. Lynn’s sermon was excellent and very timely. Special music, “Gone” was presented by the choir. This was my second time to sing this song, so I really had to concentrate. It is a very pretty hymn and has a wonderful message.
  We had no evening service. So I took my time cleaning up the pots and pans used to make breakfast and then got on the couch to watch golf. Well, I missed a lot of it, because I kept taking naps—very unusual for me. Did see the exciting ending  with one of my favorite golfers, Matt Kuchar winning.
  We have started selling ads for the annual Graduation Section. If you would like an ad, and I have not contacted you, give me a call. This is a great advertising venue, which also pays tribute to all our seniors. Your advertisement in this section will be around for many years—I’ve had former students (some from 30 to 40 years ago) tell me that they still pull their section out and look at it.
  Have to wrap this column up. We have the Spring Baptist Associational Meeting tonight at First Baptist Church and I’m a messenger from Woodland Hills. Tell you about this meeting next week.

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