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Art Talk

By Andi Bedsworth

As I looked around at Double Decker this past weekend, it was evident to me that North Mississip-pians love art and music. They patronize art vendors and attend gallery openings and museums. With this thought in mind, I thought I would let you know how Bozarts Gallery is planning on catering to this appetite for art in our region.
The alliance recently firmed up their schedule for the rest of the year and has lined up some exhibits that I think you will find very interesting. At the end of May, a show featuring artists Mari Foster and David Race will be up in the gallery. Mari is a local artist who works in so many different media and styles that it is always a surprise to see what she will have hanging next. What amazes me is that each of the pieces she makes seems to be crafted with such skill it is difficult to tell what her specialty is. She seems to be able to switch from different styles with such seamless grace.             
David Race is also an alliance member and a painter who lives in Coffeeville. His popular landscapes and portraits are full of layers and his manipulation of light and shadow always leaves me in awe. This show will go down at the end of June, leaving the gallery closed for summer vacation in July.
The fall will open in August with a show featuring Nicole Gladden, Jeff Long, Hanne Gaycken and more. Next will be a fun exhibit curated by Katrina Geenen with art related to the theme of “Day of the Dead.”
Of course the final show of the year will be the ever popular Holiday Miniature Show. This schedule leaves art lovers something to look forward to as we make our way into summer.

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