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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Last Monday night the Yalobusha Baptist Associa-tion’s spring meeting was held in First Baptist Church. Usually I ride to these meetings with Ed and Betty Hill (we’re the messengers from Wood-land Hills). Sometimes  our pastor, Bro. Lynn Jones and his wife also go with us. Monday night I didn’t see any reason for the Hills or Bro. Lynn to pick me up—I can drive to First Baptist by myself.
    Got there and had forgotten to tell the others where I park, so they went in the back door and I was waiting out front. Finally Betty came out to find me. I’d enjoyed standing there though, because I got to greet and hug everyone coming in. Jimmy Berry was the inside greeter and I took over the outside greeting job.
  The music was wonderful, with Steve McGregor playing piano and Bro. Jimmy Hood leading the singing. Steve also presented the special music—a piano solo. I’ve heard many compliments on his playing and I always enjoy it.
  All reports were interesting and the presenters were excellent.
  The sermon was by Bro. James Edwards, pastor of Bethel, who is also the Association Moderator. He had to introduce himself and if you know Bro. James, you know he did a very humorous job of this. His sermon was very timely and, as always, well delivered. It began with one of his stories, which incorporated all the churches in the Associa-tion, with the final church being Calvary, which he says could not be used in a humorous manner. It was an excellent jumping off point for a very powerful message.
  Enjoyed the food and fellowship, following the program. Got to visit with Betty and Charlie Apple-ton in the hall while waiting in line, then ate with Mary Sue Stevens, Cathy and Willie Pullen and the Hills.
  Didn’t have any trouble getting out of the parking lot—think Mary Sue and I were the last two to leave, except for the ladies in the kitchen.
  Wednesday  morning I only picked up one return paper—usually get about 50. Kept wondering why we had such good paper sales and then someone says, “Everyone wanted to read the Walmart story.” Well Don Simoneaux, former manager of Sprint Mart, use to tease me about hiring a hit man to help increase sales, because he said when we had a murder in the paper they always sold. Think I like selling papers better by the threat of Walmart coming to town.
  The Chamber of Commerce Banquet was so much fun Thursday night. Went in with Jack, and his father, Jack, Sr. was waiting for him. Thought about sitting with them, but then opted to just sit in the center of the second table, facing the band. I always like to watch, and hear, the Sharecroppers. Again, got to hear Steve McGregor on keyboard, joined by Daryl Burney on bass, Clay Ashford on drums, and Jessey Higdon on guitar and doing most of the vocals. Steve did sing a few songs. They are all excellent musicians and Ed enjoyed playing with all of them.
  I was sitting there all alone for a short time, when Ed Croom came in and asked if the seat next to me was taken. Told him it wasn’t and I certainly enjoy having an Ed beside me, even if it was not my favorite. He was a delightful dinner partner and I thank his wife for sharing him. She was expecting a house guest and had to miss the banquet. Ed is a retired Ole Miss biology professor.         On the other side I was privileged to have Annette Trefzer, a University professor and wife of our Main Street Director, Mickey Howley. Across from us were Mickey and Annette and his house guests, her former college roommate, her husband and teenage daughter from Germany. Annette is from Germany. They were a delightful family and I wish I had written down their names—Mickey promised to come by and give them to me. Maybe he will later and I’ll share with you. Ed presented the father a dollar bill, stating that it was the prize for being the guest who had traveled the farthest to attend. Someone in the group received one of the marked programs for which a prize was given. The daughter was given the program and she got a Watermelon Carnival t-shirt.  I told her she was going to have a job explaining what that t-shirt represented.
  At the conclusion of the program I enjoyed short visits with many friends. This is always a great social event.
  The banquet also has a very informative  program. Mayor Larry Hart gave a report on happenings in the city last year and plans for the upcoming year. CofC President Tyler Hill did an excellent job emceeing the event and giving an  update on Chamber happenings and introducing new board members and officers.
    The guest speaker, Malcolm White, was so very complimentary of our city. He says we’re on the right track and that many other municipalities are using WV as a model for progress.
  Was in  complete agreement with the Chambers selection of Dr. Rayford Edgar for the Braswell Hatcher Community Service Award. They could not have chosen a more deserving recipient.
  Was also excited about their selection for the Elliott Education Scholarship. Receiving this was Kelsey Neeley,  who is also a member of Woodland Hills. She’s a very sweet young lady, one who excels in academics, is very athletic, and also is very active in community service.
  The hall was beautifully decorated, using dogwood and azaleas. Don’t think they told who did the arrangements, but I’m sure Glenda Henderson Gordon had a hand in it—she is so talented.
  Enjoyed Mr. Frank “Pop” Tucker’s red clover on my way over to Moms Friday morning. It’s been many years since he instigated the planting of our roadsides with this beautiful plant. Through the years they have survived and even thrived. Also, the wisteria was gorgeous. It was about gone when I came home Sunday morning—this bloomer doesn’t last long, but it’s sure showy during its short duration. There is an arbor on the Eureka Road just before you get into Batesville that was breath-taking and many of the trees on both the Eureka and Pope/Water Valley Roads were hanging gardens.
  Highlight of the week in Pope was a birthday party Friday night for great-niece Haller Grace and great-nephew, Jack. The years go so fast that I can’t tell you how old these children are. Nephew Michael  had grilled some wonderful hamburgers and hot dogs and Jimmie had fixed all the trimmings and made the birthday cake—all of it was delicious. The Coles have a Green Egg and these grills do cook good food, especially if Michael is the grill master.
  Was greeted by youngest great-nephew, Briley, with a, “Hi Aunt Betty.” This is a high compliment, because this young man is a person of few words. Also got to see youngest great-niece, Caroline, upstairs (party was downstairs). She gave me a hug. All these children are a delight to be around and I’m glad I finally got to the party. Mom didn’t want to go to sleep, so I ran late.
    She’s fine, though.

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