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Art Talk

By Andi Bedsworth

The warmer weather is struggling to break through, and the sounds of lawnmowers are starting to be heard in local neighborhoods. Flowers are popping up, and gardens are beginning to bloom. As I look through famous paintings to teach an art history lesson, I see how gardens, flowers, and produce have inspired many artists to create famous works of art.
Van Gogh’s sunflowers come to mind, and what about Monet’s water lilies? No one can deny the stunning beauty of the flowers painted by Georgia O’Keefe. Do not forget about still life painting representing fruit such as the many created by Paul Cezanne. It seems that as humans, we are fascinated and thrilled by the beauty of nature and all it gives us during this season.
Perhaps you could create your own garden-themed art as well. Maybe the flowers in your own yard will inspire you to try your hand at painting. It is as simple as putting them in a vase or snapping a photo and pulling out the paints. Or maybe colored pencils are less intimidating. Crayons, markers and oil pastels are easily obtained and not expensive. The process can sometimes be just as much fun as the finished work.
Also, I think gardening itself is an art-form. Many who garden will agree that it is a way of making our world a more beautiful place, and gardens have been tended and revered for centuries in all cultures, making them an essential part of our lives. There are formal ones, small ones, container gardens and rock gardens that you can create.     So get out there and create some art in your yard or art inspired by it!

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