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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  At noon last Thursday Mayor Larry Hart welcomed about a hundred people to the Community National Day of Prayer Service, held at the flag pole in Crawford Sports Complex. Rev. James West had presented the prelude on the bagpipes and he also gave the closing prayer and played the postlude.
    The National Anthem was sung by Barron Caulfield. Following this there was a Prayer of Adoration by Rev. Amos Sims, pastor of Bayson Chapel, and a prayer of Confession of national, state, local and personal sins by Rev. Randy Bain, pastor of Water Valley First Baptist.
  Special music was then presented by Shirley Berry.
  This was followed by a prayer of Thanksgiving by Rev. Lugene Walker, pastor of Hopewell M.B. Church, and prayers of supplication: for churches and families, our children and young people by Rev. David Freeman, minister of Water Valley First  Christian Church; for our President, congress, and justices by Rev. Cleveland Alexander, pastor of Pine Grove West; prayers for military, school systems, and other governmental agencies by Rev. Dan Dickerson, pastor of O’Tuckolofa Baptist.
  A youth prayer was given by New Stough of Water Valley First Baptist, followed by more special music by Mrs. Berry.
  The closing hymn, “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name,” was by the congregation.
  This was a most impressive service and the day was almost perfect—just a little windy.
  Coulter was kidding about my sandwich eating habit in her column last week. Well, I’ve about become a sandwich junkie—anything goes when you sit for 30 to 35 hours in a nursing home room or don’t have time to cook a proper meal at home, and certainly when you’re trying to make a deadline at the paper. Always keep a pot of vegetable soup in the fridge at home and of course a sandwich goes well with this. However I come up with some real original filling between two pieces of bread at Mom’s and in the nursing—the remains of her meatloaf, grilled chicken, barbecue, tuna salad, bacon and egg, cheesy anything, and sausage.
    However I think most folks know my favorite sandwich is bologna, onion, tomato, cucumber and mayo—and I really like the B.T.C.’s version.
  Did have some great strawberries, grapes, bana-nas, and cantaloupe from Larson’s this week. Had to go for Mom’s peanut butter, chocolate pudding and crackers–so just picked up what I needed. Also got some pre-cooked bacon, lettuce and tomatoes. Pre-cooked bacon is great when all you have access to is a microwave.
  Friday morning I did something I’ve never done before—locked myself out of my van. Usually I take the key out of the ignition, put the ring on my little finger, then pick up my purse and other things needing to be taken inside. For some reason I put my purse down and apparently threw my keys in. Then I picked up my ice chest and food bag, snapped the master lock, and went inside.
    Needed a Coke, so started looking for my purse—just knew it had to be there. No purse. Went back outside and sure enough there it was locked in securely. Phone was in the purse, so had to get the night sitter to call Brother Don to come and help me. He came, called the police department and shortly a nice policeman named Eric came and in  few minutes had the door open. I thanked him and as he was about to drive away said, “If you need me again, just call.”
    Told him I’d probably need him for some other stupid thing I’d find to do, but I didn’t think I’d ever lock keys up again.
  First question, though, before he set about getting the door open was, “Do you have another key?” Told him I did, but it was in the purse, also. Don then decided I needed one of those magnetic boxes to put the spare key in—probably a good idea.
  We’ve taken the land line out at Mom’s house. I have been instructed to carry my cell in and I did Friday night. Was heating up my bowl of soup and heard a phone ringing. Couldn’t imagine how this was happening, because I’d checked to see that the phone was deactivated. Realized it was my phone and dug it out of the bottom of my purse, and was about to answer it. From the other end came, “Miracle of miracles!” Knew it was Jim.         He went on to say that he’d called that number about a thousand times, with no answer—probably the truth. My phone has always lived in the van and the only time I’m there I’m driving and I won’t answer.
  We had a great visit. He’d called to tell me that Celeste’s band had made all ones. I was so proud of her accomplishment. She an excellent band director and must have some super students this year. After that we just enjoyed talking about everything and everybody.         Jim was on his way home, so we talked until he arrived. He has a hands free phone, so he can drive safely while talking.
  I am sorry that he’s unable to come to Memphis in May this year—weather is great. He’s been there when it was pouring rain, when the temperature was very uncomfortable, both cold and hot—gets great weather and can’t come.
  He has a good reason for not coming. Jim is attending the International Music Festival at Indiana State University in Blooming. He will be playing a prestigious tuba solo on the program and is very excited about this.
  During the Sunday evening service at Wood-land Hills the youth department  presented the program.
  They directed the music, played the piano, sang solos, presented skits, read scripture, and Youth Director Justin Pierce gave a devotional. The theme of the program was love. Helping with the program were two visiting young people, Autumn Jones and Jackson Ward.  Was great to also have visiting, Autumn’s mother, Katherine, and Jackson’s father, Bryan, and his little sister. Enjoyed a nice visit with both Katherine and Bryan.
  We’ve gone from heat to AC at the office. For most of today (Monday) the AC has been running and it feels good. Do wish we’d get a few days without either heat or air, but doesn’t seem to happen in our area anymore.
  Mother’s Day is coming up Sunday. Let’s all get to her house for a visit or if this is not possible, call—phones work well. I always enjoy my talks with Celeste and Jim and give thanks for as we used to say “Ma Bell”—now guess its whoever your carrier is.
  Graduation is also right around the corner. If you want a personal ad in the Grad Section, give us a call. May even still be able to squeeze in a regular ad. Also, seniors be sure to get your biographies to us.

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