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Tittle Tales

Change Coming For Tittle Family Household

By Amy Tittle

Well my lovely and loyal readers, I have big news. My family and I are moving. Now don’t have a heart attack yet, we will still be residing in my newly beloved town of Water Valley, just a little further out. We are relocating so the little Tittle children and animals have plenty of space to run in the wide open.
So, I guess you can call this a small and temporary pause in my writing to you biweekly. But don’t fret, I plan on continuing to write to you again in the Herald soon after we have moved and settled in. I will be back, I’m sure, very soon to entertain you with many more Tittle Tales in the country.
I want to take a moment to acknowledge and say a big thank you to David Howell, Jack Gurner and the entire staff at the Herald for giving me this continuing amazing opportunity and privilege to express my love for this community in our paper and share the ongoing insane stories of life in the Tittle household.
I love writing and feel truly honored to be part of our local newspaper here in Water Valley. Also, to my readers, you are the fuel to my fire that keeps me writing. Thank you for your loyalty, support and ongoing encouragement along with that from my crazy, loving, inspiring family. I am excited and look forward to sharing all my new Tales with you in the future weeks.
To all of my friends and family, thank you for your strong support with helping us find another house here in the Valley with more room for us to grow and thrive as a family.
A big thank you to my friend, Lee McMinn, for your never-ending help to find us the perfect spot for a much bigger Tittle farm.
A huge thank-you to T.G. Baker and Lisa Baker, and family for helping our dreams come true with our new home that we have honestly fallen in love with and not just befriending us but treating us like family, our gratitude is far beyond description. Matt, our three children and I, three horses, three goats, three chickens, two dogs and one cat are so thankful and are very excited about moving and starting this new season of our life out in the country all the while still living in our favorite town. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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