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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    A note from Melanie Bailey  of Oakland reads:
  “Here is a tidbit of info that might interest the paper
  “Anissa Wilkinson, former owner of Imagination Station in Water Valley, who now teaches at Kirk Academy in Grenada, was chosen educator of the year and honored at the recent Grenada Chamber of Commerce Banquet.”
  Thanks for the information, Melanie. The honor could not have gone to a more deserving person. I was privileged to attend several of the art shows by Anissa’s Imagination Station students and they were outstanding. I know that her teaching is still producing very talented artists. Congratulations, Anissa.
  Lost another dear, long-time friend last week with the death of Travis Clement.
  Was sorry I was unable to attend both visitation and the funeral. Loved first wife, Norma, his children, Charlotte, Lance, and Denise, and present wife, Jeannie.
  Charlotte and Jim were classmates and also both were band members, so they spent a lot of time together. Charlotte and little sister, Denise, often came by the Herald, and sometimes the group was joined by Leasie Thompson (Gilley), another Main Street kid, whose parents, Jack and Artie Joy, owned and operated the cleaners next door. The Herald was a much livelier place when all those young people gathered. Travis would usually pick the girls up and he, Ed and I would get in a short visit.
  Last time he was in the office, he and I did what we do best—talked about our children. I loved his and he loved Jim and we always wanted to catch up on what they were doing.
  Sympathy is extended to Jeannie, Charlotte, Lance, Denise, their spouses, and all the grands. We’ll miss him too.
  This year is fast slipping away. Can you believe that our seniors will receive their diplomas tomorrow night (Tuesday).
  We have six members of Woodland Hills graduating and five of them were present for the special service honoring them yesterday. Water Valley students were John Travis Swinkowski, Kelsey Neeley, Cody Schmitz, and Davin Green. From Lafayette High we have  Molley Sue Warren graduating and a home schooled grad is Kelsey Burress. We are proud of all of these graduates. Congratulation to each of you.
  Another sure sign that summer is here is Vacation Bible School. Woodland Hills will begin VBS June 2 and continue through the 6th. This will be held each day from 6-8:30  p.m. and classes will be for ages 3 through teenagers. All youngsters in this age group are invited to attend.
  Following the morning worship service the children’s committee sold barbecue lunches, which were delicious. They included DeDe’s barbecue, baked beans, slaw, and your choice of cake or a brownie. The lunch proceeds will go toward paying expenses for these children to attend summer camp.
  Included with subscription renewals recently were notes from these friends:
  Ralph Mitchell of Pontotoc, who was a classmate at Northwest Missis-sippi Junior College way back in the 50s wrote: “Hope you are doing well. God has been good to me.” Ralph is the son of the late “Freck” and Ann Mitchell, and brother of Geri Cardwell.
  We did have some good times at good ole NWJC, especially in Miss Zula Glenn’s trig class. I had a class in the Science Building just before trig class, which was upstairs in the Admin Building. I was late every day—just could not make it in the allotted class change time. I was always greeted by a chorus (I think led by Ralph and the late Golie Mize, also a Vallian) with “Miss Kilgore is here, we can start the class now.” I was surprised that Miss Glenn never got upset with me or the other members of that class—she always just smiled and began teaching us.
  Thanks for the note Ralph—brought back great memories.
  Coming from Bill and Mary Lee of Pleasanton, California is:
  “Hi Betty, My, how W.V. is changing. Bill and I remarked today when the Herald arrived how much has changed—and now a Wal-Mart! We enjoy the paper. This on-line reading is hard on the eyes and back. Keep up the good work.”
  Always enjoy hearing from the Lees. Miss y’all and both your parents.
  Next note comes from a dear friend who is not a Vallian. She has never lived here, but has adopted WV as a second home. She is Hazel Johnson’s best friend and lives in San Antonio, Texas. Laurie comes for a visit a few times a  year and we always enjoy seeing her. She’s taken the Herald for several years.
   She writes: “Thanks once again for a year of great reading and news of my adopted home. I can always rely on you having some of the best info on all that’s going on. Please write more about your Mom and family and the food you prepare. I enjoy this very much. Thanks for a good year and I look forward to my paper each week. Love in Christ, Laurie Collier.”
  Thanks for writing Laurie, and come to see us soon.
  From Frances Gandy comes:
  I am at the Kinnington Pointe Living now. I am very happy to be here. The Heritage Place closed and most of those who lived there are all here and we are just like one big family. We are in the same area. I hope I can visit back in Water Valley soon. I do not drive out of town alone anymore. At 90 years, my family thinks I should have someone with me.”
  It’s so good to hear from you and I hope to see you when you visit the Valley. By the way, you’re doing great—My family thinks I should have someone with me and I’m several years younger than you.
  We apparently have a bumper crop of snakes this year. I heard snake stories all weekend and saw several on the road—going and coming.
  I still have not seen one in my yard, but Mark and his boys saw two—a large Copperhead and a huge non-poisonous one. I really hope they stay our of my sight—if I see a snake I can’t close my eyes for weeks without imagining one being on the floor and even in the bed with me. Had to go in Mom’s house last week with the porch light off and I was just sure I was stepping on a big snake. Instructions are to make sure that porch light is on when I have to go into that house after dark.
      Carolyn and Bo brought me a barbecue plate Friday night. They had great-nephew, Briley, with them, and so I got a big hug and kiss. He is so cute. Bo said that he ate three big pieces of fish, after he’d had supper. He does like fish. He’s so tiny, I don’t know where he put all that fish.
  Saturday morning I enjoyed a short visit with another great nephew, Harris Cole and his dad, William. They were on their way to a horse show in Canton. We were all getting breakfast at Hardy’s.
  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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