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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

 The graduation for the 69 Water Valley High School seniors, receiving their high school diplomas, was held Tuesday night, May 20. I didn’t get to attend this program, but heard that it was very impressive, with all students participating doing an excellent job. The photo of Shade and Tyler Epes, made by Claudia Anthony, was excellent. We’d had many comments on how wonderful it is. It has been a delight watching these two grow up on Main Street in the Valley and following their shining high school academic and athletic careers through the years.
  Many fishermen were out Wednesday morning, taking advantage of the super weather conditions (or rather the promise thereof). When I left home about 5:10 rain was pouring down, but as I entered the Valley is slowed to a drizzle, then about six when I began the paper route it had stopped completely. It was a nice day after the early morning interruption.
  Mid-Texas has been getting some heavy rain and some threatening weather. However, they report that it’s good weather for them because they were so dry. Hope everyone continues to get the weather they need.
  Our weather on Memorial Day was perfect for outings if you were privileged to have a holiday. Herald staff was not so lucky—in order to get a paper into your hands on Wednesday morning, we have to work on Monday, thus very few holidays for us. Looked at the calendar over the weekend to see if we’d get the Fourth of July off. Found no holiday for me—Friday is already my day off. Oh well, if I had a day off I’d probably just get into trouble.
  Jim is on his way home from Indiana, so we’ve talked a bit while he’s driving. He was in Joplin, Missouri Monday morning when he checked in. Had to tell me about his first attendance of an Indy 500. Says everyone should attend this sporting event once in their lifetime—even if you’re not a race fan. Jim parked his car and took a shuttle bus in. Said he made it to the track in record time, was let out about three-fourths of a way down the track from his seat, which was several rows up. However, he reported enjoying the walk around and up into the stands. Says you see lots of interesting things on your way in. He was also amazed that you see the entire race. From any seat you can see the whole track and if anything happens you know it immediately, unlike NASCAR, where you probably see more of the race sitting in your easy chair in the den.
  I didn’t watch the race—intended to but never found it on my TV. Maybe I just didn’t know where to look. I did see some of the preliminary events in Batesville Saturday afternoon and that was on Channel 3, Memphis, a CBS Station. In this action leading up to the race they showed tents, offered to house folks attending the race. They had a queen size bed and looked pretty comfortable. They were talking about a four night stay and  I expected the price to be many thousands of dollars. However, the figure quoted was $1100. Jim says that was probably per night—still sounded reasonable to me.
  Jim thought the race was aired on ABC and I don’t know what our ABC Channel is. I always watch Channel 9. Did see lots of sports—golf, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and several others—while scrolling through the channels.
  Also, on Saturday Turner Classic Movies aired the old Indy 500 movie. I enjoyed seeing the race cars, street cars, clothes being worn, and the buildings. It also had an interesting story line and insight into the danger of the racing game in those early years.
  I asked about the number of folks attending the race and Jim says probably a quarter of a million—can you imagine that many people in one spot—what a target for some of these crazy folks we have today. I’m glad I didn’t know this or I’d have been terrified knowing my child was there.
  Got to speak to Sonny and Dorothy Shelly Saturday. Jimmie and I were taking Mom for a walk and Dot was pushing Sonny in his wheelchair. They both looked great.
  All of us at Woodland Hills were saddened last week by the death of long-time member, Cindy Barnes. Cindy leaves a big hole in the staff, as she  taught Sunday school, discipleship training, helped in VBS, and sang in the choir. I really miss her on Sunday mornings. She was the last alto and I am the first soprano, so I followed her into the choir loft each week. Now I’ll have to get use to marching in after Judy Whitten. Love her and will enjoy visiting each week, but will miss Cindy. Sympathy is extended to her family.
  The VFW sponsored Memorial Day Program at the cannon in the park was held at eleven o’clock this morning (Monday) and everyone reported a good service. This is one that I’ve never attended—always had to work. When we owned the Herald, Daddy went down to make the picture until he died and then Ed took over. Since David has had the paper one of the Howell family or Jack has assumed this duty. Just as well, since I probably could not make a picture any more—I rarely pick up a camera. Used to be a pretty good photographer, but you use it or lose it.
  Animals are back in the Kilgore family news this week. Bo had about half of his tomatoes eaten up by rabbits. He and Rance fenced the garden and he’ll have to replant. We knew they were in the yard, but we closed the barn door to late. Most nights when I arrive home a couple of big bunnies hop back under the azalea bushes, then in the morning when I go out to the car, a couple will jump either from under the van or away from a wheel—these are so close they really scare me. The things are big and fat—probably five pounds or so. Bo says that when rabbit season opens we won’t see a single one. That’s to bad because I really like eating rabbit and gravy.
  Squirrels are still everywhere and I’m sure they’re eating something. Deer have not begun to graze in the garden, but if they do the newly constructed fence will not keep them out.
  I saw a big doe crossing just in front of me last week on 315, just east of O’Tuck Supply. First deer I’d seen on the highway in several weeks and I had gotten complacent—was glad I’d already slowed down for the stop at the by-pass.
  Schools are out and many Bible schools begin next week. Woodland Hills is one of these and everyone, ages 3 years through teenagers, are welcome to attend. From the planning meetings, it sounds like VBS is going to be exciting and fun this year.

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