Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    A reminder that a memorial service for the late Roland Buppert will be held Saturday, June 7, at two o’clock in the afternoon, in Bethel Baptist Church.
    Mr. Roland died in September, 2013, and was cremated. His ashes have been brought to Water Valley, where, following the service, they will be buried in the Bethel Cemetery.
    During the years he lived in the Valley he was a faithful member of the Bethel Church. He also wrote the Bethel News for the Herald. Mr. Roland knew many people in the area, was a faithful visitor to Yalobusha County Nursing Home and up and down Main Street. He had many friends here and all are invited to attend this memorial service.
  Wanda McCluskey called this morning to tell me that her sister had a beautiful chocolate lab (young male) come to her home. They have checked with the vets, neighbors, and asked everyone they know, but can’t locate the owner. Wanda says the dog has been well taken care of, is very well trained, good natured, and seems to be looking for his owner. If you have any insight about this dog please call 473-4156.
  Mom’s stove keeps tripping breakers and its a gas range. It’s very hard to cook without something to cook on. I used the toaster oven, microwave, electric skillet, and crockpots. They work up to a point, but when you need an over you’re out of luck.
  We have Bible school this week and I’d planned to bake some cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and cheese cake squares. Had to do all this Sunday afternoon and night. Also made Rice Krispie Treats.         To do this I had to go to the old-standby recipe book Jimmie gave me many years ago—Famous Brand Name Best Recipes Through The years. Found the Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, the Rice Krispie recipe, and one for Skippy Peanut Butter Cookies, and several more. For many years I could cook all these things and never look at a recipe. During Jim’s growing up years we made lots of cookies.
  Found a new treat on one of the cooking shows last weekend—chocolate strawberry whipped cream cake. I’m going to make a cupcake version.
  Kool Aide will be consumed in abundance—mostly the blue variety—along with chips, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hot dogs, barbecue and pizza.
  Friday night is family night and we’ll serve all the left overs, along with the finger foods brought in.
  I waited for the rain to slack Thursday before going to Batesville. After a rain there is always an abundance of frogs and last week there was also plenty of little turtles (about four  to six inches in diameter). I had to dodge these on the entire trip—not an easy task. However, I didn’t squash a single one. Then when I got to Moms, stepped out of the van, a frog hopped onto my foot. After all the snake tales this year, I was just sure I’d be bitten any second. Was sure glad to see that frog. Then when I turned the porch light on I could see turtles crawling across the front lawn. Didn’t see a snake, but I sure expected to.
  Don came in Saturday and told me to turn the TV on and watch the horse race. I haven’t found that race yet and did not see any mention of it on the news.
  Did watch a little golf and was sorry to hear that my favorite golfer, Phil Mickleson, was being questioned about insider trading. Have trouble believing that a person as visible as he is would do this, especially since he is the seventh highest paid athlete in the U.S. He won last weekend and will play in the U.S. Open. He just seems to be one of the nicest people in sports today and I do enjoy watching him play.
  Jimmie had a new Caroline story this week. She left Caroline alone in the living room to go into the bathroom. Said that she barely got out of sight, when she heard this horrible scream. Thinking that the baby had hurt herself, she came running. Found  the reason for the panic—Caroline had turned over Jimmie’s tea, but it was not the cold beverage that had hit her that caused the yell—it was making a mess. Said Caroline had run for the Kleenex and was busy mopping up the tea. This 15-month-old learns fast. Jimmie is always turning over her tea and having to mop it up, so Caroline knew exactly what to do. Jimmie gets aggravated with herself and Caroline probably though she was in for it.
  When I went to Moms Saturday night, Trea, Misty and Briley were still at Carolyn and Bo’s house, so I went down to speak. Briley met me at the door, and gave me a big hug around the knees. Then he put up his arms and I  picked him up. He gave me a big bear hug and a kiss on each cheek. After showing me the dog and all his toys, he played awhile, while we talked. Then when I started to leave, again I picked him up, got a big hug, and a kiss on the lips—now I do love this great-nephew. Oh, he also made sure I checked my blood-pressure. We may just have a family doctor in the making.
  Had to leave the column unfinished Monday afternoon to go to the church and get ready for VBS. I am one of the cooks.
  I really did not expect a large crowd, but was happy to be surprised. Think it’s the largest attendance we’ve ever had on opening night. With so many schools in progress this week, it seemed logical that we’d all be down some. Was glad to find children present, who normally do not attend VBS, or have a church home. Guess our young folks had to go further afield to find friends to invite, since their friends from sisters churches were involved in their own schools.
  Everyone seemed to have a great time. The teaching was excellent and food was plentiful. Recreation, crafts, and music were exciting. The staff did an excellent job decorating and the skits and mission story were filled with humor, while providing deep insight into the theme of the school.
  If you aren’t in a VBS we invite you to join us at Woodland Hills, beginning at 6:30 each night. Classes are available for 3-year-olds through teens.

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