Art Talk

    This past Saturday night was an evening of hope and coming together as many visitors to Bozarts chipped in for the Yalobusha horses at the Save the Yalo Horses event held on June 7th. Kim Vickery, a Water Valley native, who now lives and teaches in Arkansas, brought many photos including some in frames and others matted for sale. There were also t-shirts and photo books for sale.    The gallery was packed as many people from town and out of town came for the fundraiser. A video presentation and lecture were given by Kim Vickery and Stephanie Billingsley, who helped with the rescue. The horses were near starvation in February and are slowly being rehabilitated. They are in much better shape than they were previously. The photos on exhibit were taken by both women during a photo shoot set up specifically for this fundraiser. The two women spent about four hours in the pasture with the scared and skittish horses earning their trust and capturing their images. What you would think might be depressing images, were actually moving and beautiful in spirit. The photos were displayed in the mirror gallery where many people gathered.   
The items were selling quickly, and many people were generous in their support of this worthy cause. It is wonderful to see how a small town can make a big difference, and the artistic vision of the fundraiser was inspiring. Please send me your arts related news to

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