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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  A note from Barron Caulfield came with a V-Mail letter written from England by his Dad, the late James Barron Caulfield, Sr., to his mother, the late Mrs. A. D. Caulfield, 70 years ago this week.
  Written on D-Day, it cleared the censors on the 9th, and finally was postmarked on the 27th.
  It reads: “Dearest Mom: On this great “D” Day, I’ll write one letter and that is to you. I know you folks will follow the turn of events very closely. I have just listened to the 9 p.m. BBC News and heard the King give a short message to his people and the world. Hope you were listening to his speech, which was broadcast in the U.S. Save this letter for a souvenir of war.
  Thanks for sharing Barron. We all need to remember D-Day, June 6, 1944.
  We got a new subscriber this week. Ms. Jerry Lynch, who lived in the Valley for many years and was a subscriber, is now a resident of Kingsland, Georgia. She wants to catch up on the news of the Valley. Jerry says, “How is everything in the Valley? Give my regards to everyone!”
  A note came with Lawrence Pass’ subscription renewal. Lawrence lives in Reno,Nevada and writes: “Another year has gone by like the speed of light. After having no winter (snow that is) and very little rain (about an inch and a half since January) we have transitioned into a very nice spring. All the flowering trees were beautiful this year. Also, looks like we are headed into the third year of a drought.”
  Lawrence, wish we could send you some rain—we have enough to spare. It’s always great to hear from you.
  From John Cox comes:
  “Betty I’m thinking about a 50th Anniversary Rededication of the War Memorial.
  “I’ve identified the cannon, am working to get it either painted original OD or at least the silver we all knew, and I understand they are working on the landscaping.
  “According to my military sources it would be doubtful if the cannon arrived in Water Valley prior to the end of WWII. I’m thinking 1945-48 as the time frame for it.
  “Would you put a note in the paper asking anyone if they remember the original dedication.         “If we can pin down a date then I can check the Memphis papers on microfilm and see if some ‘stringer’ sent an article about it to them.
  “I’ve asked Mickey Howley to try and get any serial numbers etc. off the ‘data plate’ etc. and I’ve sent an e-mail to the Center for Military History at Ft. Leslie McNair ,which is the custodian for the documents recording the donation of items such as this to towns, VFWs, American Legions, etc.”
  If anyone can help with this get the info to me and I’ll get it on to John.
  Got to Dunn’s Grocery Wednesday morning just in time to have a doorman. Harold and Snooky Williams were coming out and Harold graciously held the door for me. It’s so nice to still have Southern gentlemen in the Valley.
  Inside I waved to the rest of the gang, who were still eating or talking. The group gathering there for breakfast on Wednesdays are always delightful.
  VBS at Woodland Hills continued through the week and we had a great time. Had 44 youngsters enrolled, with an average attendance of about 36, along with some 20 adults—teachers and staff members.
  I was in the kitchen, along with Martha Ruth, Margaret Wilson and Betty Hill. Since our kitchen opens to the Fellowship Hall we got to see the students march in, give the allegiances to the U.S. and Christian flags, and to the Bible. We also got to see the hilarious skits by Youth Minister Dustin Pierce and Nathan Keel (I dubbed them the two stooges). Our Bible School was Agency D3 and they were special agents, giving clues to the rookie agents. From those clues, I wonder how the young people ever solved the cases. Becky York presented the mission story each night and Rev. Lynn Jones, our pastor, gave the  plan of salvation for those who did not know Christ.         Our director was Margie Pilcher, and music and choreography was under the direction of Michelle Warren, with Sammie Cobern at the piano. Crafts were directed by Sylvia Beene and her staff. Nathan doubled as rec director, assisted by his wife, who also did an excellent job with the video equipment.
  We really had a great week, with two accepting Christ as their saviour.
  Highlight of my week, though, was getting to attend the memorial service for the late Roland Buppert. It was a beautiful service for a beautiful man.
  Don’t know all who were responsible for the program, but Rev. James Edwards, Jim Ward, Shirley Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tate, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Finch, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gholson,  Sissy Hall, are some I do know.
  Many Roland stories were told, some of which I’d heard before. However, one I’d not heard I will report in the column. Jim Tate told it. Jim asked a question that had puzzled me through the years and got a truthful answer—only kind Roland gave. Roland was in military service for a number of years and had gained some rank from time to time, but was periodically busted. He came out a lowly private. When asked the reason for this he said there was a horse stable near the post and he loved horses. Each time he had a chance he’d head for that stable, and would get his stripes taken away. His summation was that if it had not been for that stable, he’d probably attained the rank of General. I don’t doubt it one bit—he was a very brilliant and congenial gentleman.
  Thanks to everyone who helped with, or participated in, this very moving memorial to Roland.
  Bo came to sit with Mom so I could come back for VBS on Friday afternoon. I’d just been watching the news report of the pickup in Canada that was hit by lightening—that was frightening. I asked Bo why this happened and his explanation was that the vehicle had radial tires. I asked what my van had and he says, “Probably radials.” I then went outside and the lightening looked just like what had hit that pickup. Really didn’t know whether I wanted to get in and drive it.     Did and God took care of me—made it to the Valley, then back again several times over the weekend—mostly driving in hard rain and heavy lightening.
  Did get to see the Belmont Stakes and much to my dismay the three friends who told me California Chrome had already won last weekend were wrong—I wonder what station they were watching. I was disappointed and so were a lot of other Chrome supporters.
  Also got to see the final round of the Fedex St. Jude Classic and it was not very exciting—none of the golfers were playing well. However, was glad to see Ben Craine win, since my favorite player,  Phil Mickleson, was out of the running.
  Don’t forget Father’s Day Sunday.

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