Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

Coulter mentioned turtles in her column recently. Well, if she wanted to see turtles, and them being cared for, she should have been with me on my trips, both coming and going from Moms, Thursday afternoon and early Sunday morning. I’m sure there were a dozen, or more, crossing the Pope/Water Valley Road Sunday morning and I did not have to squash a single one—traffic was really light and I’m glad.
    Several were seen far enough ahead for me just to creep along and let them get out of the way, and the others I was able to dodge or just stop and let them cross. One thing I’m sure Coulter knows, and I hope all of you do, is that when you rescue the turtle you are careful to take it to the side of the road it was headed for. If not it will simply turn around and immediately get into harms way again. This tid-bit of knowledge was passed on  to me by, I think, my long-time good friend, and former county agent, Steve Cummings.
    If not it was by another friend, who was equally knowledgeable. Steve has always been my go-to person when I need advice on farming, gardening, or nature and I still call him. I know present county agent, Brent Gray, is just as smart, and he’ll get these calls if Steve is not available. Brent will then probably call Steve and tell him to get back here and take care of this crazy woman.         We have been so fortunate to have such good county agents and other extension staff members for all my years in Yalobusha County and next week that will be 56 years.
  Thursday night as I was about to leave the nursing home (8:30) I noticed lightening. Pulled the curtain back and it was raining in sheets and the parking lot was a lake. I decided to wait until the rain ceased and the parking lot drained—took until almost 10:30. It was a blessing though, because I’d probably have been sitting on Highway 51 in a line of vehicles waiting for the road to be cleared.
    I’m sure there was a wreck, although when I arrived the emergency vehicles had one—only the highway patrol was left and there were several of them. The cars had almost cleared from the south and then those of us coming from the north were allowed to pass. There were probably 25 to 30 each way. Never did hear any details of this accident.
  Watched old movies on Friday and saw two really good ones that I had missed through the years. The Misfits, shot in 1961, was the last movie made by Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable. I think they said Gable died some 10 days after the movie was completed from a heart attack, and Monroe died a few months later of what was assumed to be a drug overdose. A third star of this film, Montgomery Cliff, died only a short time later.
    The other was Magnificent Obsession, starring Rock Hudson, whom I’ve always thought was the most handsome actor ever (Gable was my favorite). This was a tremendous film, also made in 1961, and it was a black and white production.
  More TV on Saturday was some of the U.S. Open golf tournament. I got to see the conclusion of this on
Sunday afternoon because of Father’s Day we did not have services Sunday night. Was not very exciting golf, because Martin Kaymer, the German, dominated the entire tournament—he held the lead all the way. If he continues to play as he did in the U.S. Open and The Players, he’ll dominate the game for many  years to come—he’s only 29 and in perfect health.
    The most interesting aspect of the U.S. Open was one of of the players tied for second place, Erik Compton from Florida. Erik, whom I’d never seen play before, is phenomenal. He is playing championship golf with a third heart. He had his first heart replacement when he was 12, then a second I think in his teens. Kaymer won with a nine under and Compton and Rickie Fowler of California were at one under. These were the only three players  under par—you know that Pine Hurst II (North Carolina) must be one tough golf course, because there were many outstanding golfers in the field of players.
  Fathers were honored at Woodland Hills on Father’s Day. Michael Redwine had made red rose boutineers for each father, which were presented by their children, and Pastor Lynn Jones prayed a dedicatory prayer for them.
  At the conclusion of the service I had the distinct honor of making a presentation to Bro. Lynn. He’d had a birthday last Tuesday and I got to present the card and gift from the church. Last year we had a birthday party for him, but this year he didn’t get a party due to the fact that we’d had so much going on with Bible school, feeding a family following a funeral, youth and children at camps and retreats.
  We also have an  upcoming reception for Bro. Lynn, commemorating his 50 years in the ministry, on Sunday, June 29. This will be held from two to four o’clock and everyone is invited to attend.
  Carol Sartain Shields called Monday and she was looking for pictures of Shields Shoe Shop on Main Street, and of Sartain’s Cafe, which was located on both South Main and North Main. If you have pictures of these businesses that you will share, call Mary Sue Stevens and she will get them and return them to you. Both Carol and Mary Sue will appreciate this.
  When I talked to Carol we always reminisce. This time it was about the great food served at Sartains. I especially liked the veal cutlets and all the great veggies. Carol said that most of those vegetables were grown by the Sartain family and that she and her sisters had to pick, shell (or prepare) them and it was hard work. They were paid 25 cents a gallon. Had I known this, I’d probably have given them tips. Peas, green beans, okra, tomatoes, potatoes and corn were so good. She called right before lunch and when we hung up I was so hungry I had to go to Larsons to get food.
  Frances and Mike Carry of Scottsdale, Arizona and WV were in Monday to subscribe for a paper to be sent to their home here. Frances is the daughter of the late Elizabeth Turnage and Eddie Nelson. She’s a cousin of Binnie, Robert, and Ethlene, and Miss Frances Turnage was her aunt.
  We’d never met, even though we felt like we knew each other. Her father kept me in the loop about her life and she’d read the paper all these years.
  When she retires they’ll spent even more time in the Valley—another Turnage is definitely an asset and I know Mike will also be a valuable addition. Was so good to meet and visit with Frances and Mike.
  I’ve just set Mt. Liberty News and I want to go on vacation with Writer Betty Melton’s children. I’ve always wanted to see San Francisco, Billy’s destination, and the trip Missy and  her family made touched many of my favorite spots. Enjoyed hearing about both trips.

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