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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    As we prepared the statements Wednesday and Thursday, it was hard for me to believe that June is gone—closing out the first half of 2014. Mom always said that the older you get the faster time flies—do believe the old lady is right. When I express my thoughts about time flying , she still reminds me with, “Honey you don’t know anything yet.”
    Well, she may still be right, because at almost a hundred, she has 23-plus years on me and even sitting in that boring nursing home room she still says, “Where has this day gone?” while I’m thinking, “Will bedtime never come.”
  Made the trip to over to Batesville on Thursday and back Sun-day morning without driving in heavy rain. However, most of the rest of those three nights and two days  saw an abundance of the liquid sunshine.
  Jim called this morning (Monday) and we were discussing the downpours we’d had over the weekend. Sometimes it was raining so hard I could not see across the nursing parking lot to my van—and it’s not a very long distance. They still have had practically no rain this year. I’d offered him the boat several months ago and was told that they had no water to put it into. There’s a place called Elephant Butte, a 100 or so miles north of Las Cruces, and the last time we went up to Albuquerque it was a pretty impressive body of water. Jim says at present its not even a small pond—using our standards of measurement.
  We often discuss piping water to the southwest and believe it will work. If we had a pipeline from our Mississippi River to the Rio Grande we could alleviate much of our flooding and provide plenty of water for their irrigation systems. Makes sense to both of us. We spend money on everything else, why not use some to  help a lot of areas of our country—lets share the wealth of water. Waters free,  we just need to get it to where it will do the most good, or maybe get it away from areas where it does the most harm.
  Jim called to see if I’d gotten to see the pictures of the piano he’d given Celeste as an anniversary gift. He sent them to Carolyn’s phone—only number he could remember that had camera capabilities. He knows that Jack and I have dinosaur phones (no picture app), couldn’t remember David’s number, and had never known Mel’s number.
    Carolyn brought her phone by Mom’s room Saturday afternoon and I got to see the piano. It is beautiful—the boy did a great job. It’s about a 100 years, a six foot grand Ivory and Ponds. The playing mechanism has been renovated and the case, looking at the picture, looks like it’s in excellent condition.
    Jimmie was there so I asked which anniversary this was and she finally came up with 19th. Nephew William and his wife, Karen, were married in February before Celeste and Jim were married on July 22. Better wish them a happy anniversary while I’m thinking about it.
  I picked up Jimmie’s copy of Delta Magazine Friday night and on the cover discovered a reference to Ford’s Well. Wondered if it was our Ford’s Well. It was and there was a pretty lengthy history of this landmark, along with old and recent pictures. The revival of the area was explained and visitors were invited to come and enjoy an outing there.
  Another local spot was mentioned in the same issue and I can’t remember what it was. Meant to bring the magazine home with me, but as usual I forgot it.
  Sunday afternoon Wood-land Hills hosted a reception for our pastor, Rev. Lynn Jones, on the anniversary of his 50 years in the ministry. Even with the threatening weather, an excellent number of members from former pastorates, both in Mississippi and Louisiana, attended.
    Don’t think we had any from his Texas churches. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and I think Bro. Lynn and Danielle were pleased with the affair. We do love and appreciate them and hope he has as long a pastorage with us as he did at his last church, Booneville First (17 years). Many folks from this church attended and they were such lovely people. Also attending were their son, Blake, and her parents.
  Don came by for a visit Friday, and we were reminiscing about past Fourth of July celebrations. For many years we had a Cole/Kilgore barbecue at Bill’s and Jimmie’s. They were so much fun and then there was always a small fireworks display for the children.
  Don says, “Can’t invite you to a barbecue, but just open the curtains and you can enjoy a great fireworks display. Seems that the Country Club sponsors this and it’s just a rock’s throw from the nursing home.
  Don had been harvesting wheat and the rain ran them out of the field. Farmers are having a hard time dodging the rain storms this year. I’m sure each time the rain comes it damages the wheat and I’m told that to much rain even affects the rice crops. Know it does the cotton and corn—that what we grew when I was a farmer.
  Hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth of July.

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