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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    I was glad we got Noah’s Flood out of the way on Wednesday, giving us a beautiful Fourth of July Weekend. Arriving at prayer meeting, I discovered that most of the rain fell within the city limits. Folks out 315 West were surprised that I’d seen lots of rain—had to explain that I’d not been home and the downpour had been at the office. It was blowing so hard against our window that we got a good window washing and the rain was so hard you could barely see Sartain’s. Also, the water came up on the sidewalk a ways and Main Street looked like a small lake.
  I arrived at the church early because I was providing refreshments for the children’s choir, so I checked with everyone entering to see if there had been rain elsewhere—our members come from the four corners. Reports were of only showers, nothing like we’d gotten in town.
  Fed the young people one of Jim’s childhood favorites—chili cheese dogs. I usually make my own chili, but had no time, so I tried Bryan’s chili for hot dogs – was surprisingly good. Also gave them chips and had planned to make s’mores from Girl Scout S’mores cookies. Didn’t want to miss our Bible study in John, so I just let them eat the cookies, Hershey bars and marshmallows.
    Didn’t realize that this treat was good cold until Sunday afternoon when I made me a couple, the phone rang and of course they got cold. Expected to throw them out, as I was sure they’d be hard as rocks. Surprisingly they were still soft and very tasty. I’d never eaten them except right off the roasting wire or out of the oven.
  Jim still likes chili cheese dogs and since neither he or I make them anymore, his favorite now is from Sonic—the foot long ones. He probably still likes s’mores, but I’m pretty sure his favorite marshmallow treat now is just that—marshmallow treats.
  Visited J’s on Main’s sidewalk sale Wednesday afternoon and found the cutest candle holders. Bought the red and silver ones and Jimmie was excited to get them. They’ll make super Christmas or valentine decorations. I also purchased a beautiful pot plant—a Pink Zazzle Hybrid Gomphrena. I got the last one, but hopefully they’ll get more. It’s on our front counter and everyone who sees it wants one. I told Jimmie about it and was immediately asked why I didn’t buy her one. It looks almost like a hot pink power puff. Glenda and Jonathan say the bloom last a long time and, as it ages, it turns cream colored, starting from the outer edge and progressing to the center. Mine is now cream colored about a half inch in. It is an unusual plant. Foliage is very pretty also, resembling a Lamb’s Ear.
  My Fourth was pretty dull until late. I watched the JAG marathon. One of the shows took the investigation from Kentucky to Vicksburg, back to Tutwiler, then to Natchez, winding up on Beale Street in Memphis. They finally found the person they were looking for. It was an interesting story line. Other episodes took us to Russia, Cuba, of course the Middle East, and just about all over. It started at 7 a.m. and was still in progress when I left Mom’s room at 10 p.m.
  About nine o’clock the Batesville Country Club’s fireworks began and we had a good viewing spot from the window of the room. When this ended I went on home to find something to eat and get a  little sleep. Was hoping that I’d find at least a can of soup to sooth my hunger pains. Was I surprised when I found barbecued ribs, beans, cole slaw, potato salad, and broccoli salad, waiting for me. This delicious meal came compliments of nephew Michael Cole. He is a great grill chef. Ate about half of it Friday night and then enjoyed the rest when I got home Saturday.
  If I had just the money spent on fireworks in south Panola County for the Fourth I wouldn’t have to worry about money for the rest of my life. I noticed displays both to the west and east of Highway 51 going from Batesville to Courtland. One was very elaborate and continued until after midnight. Arriving at Mom’s house, I couldn’t see the beautiful colors because of her trees, but I could hear the booms—sounded like the beginning of World War III or an ice storm – no way I could sleep. Got home Saturday night and was ready for my pillow—had no idea that the Fourth celebration would still be in progress. It was, and it lasted until after midnight again. Needless to say, I took a little nap after Sunday morning church services.
  I’m glad to report that Jack’s father, Jack Gurner, Sr., is doing well, after receiving stints last week.
  Also, Al Davis is home and hopefully going to be fine after gall bladder surgery last week.
  For you Oxford subscribers, that is why you’re receiving your papers later than usual. They’ll get back on schedule when Al is able to go back to work.
  I’m out to get my mouse (probably mice). They say when you see one you have at least 10. Well, I certainly saw one—he almost ran across my foot. That one may have died of heart failure, after hearing my scream.
   My sticky pads  apparently are not catching this mouse, so I went over to Sartains and picked up the old standbys—Victor traps and d-Con. They’ve never failed me.
  I was surprised to find a mouse after many years of not seeing any signs of one.
  However, everyone I’ve told my story to has said they’ve had the little critters come in in droves—guess I’m lucky only to have seen one. Usually the cold weather runs them inside—wonder if it’s all the water this spring that caused them to seek shelter in our homes?
  Most folks were lamenting that the next holiday would not be until Labor Day. Told them to come to the Valley because we have an added holiday—Watermelon Carnival Weekend.  
    As I described the fun activities of this event, many thought they just might pay us a visit.

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