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Community Circle

MDA Will Conduct Asset Mapping Of Coffeeville

By Allyson Coleman

    Social Media Classes are offered at the Extension office over the next several months. Extension specialists will teach classes on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The first class will be on Facebook – Thursday, July 17 from 1 – 3 p.m. The classes cost $2 per session.
    This is a great opportunity for everyone to learn the ins and outs of social media. These classes will teach participants how to create a profile, how to use their account, and how to share their information safely on each social media outlet.  We hope you will join us. Since space is limited, please call the Extension office to register for this program.
    The Mississippi Dev-elopment Authority is coming to Coffeeville to conduct asset mapping of the town. The Asset Development Division helps communities access local resources and create plans for the future. In doing so, they map the existing assets and make recommendations to use the community’s resources to their maximum advantage.  
    Implementing the recommendations requires strong leadership and broad support.  Meaning-ful changes take time. The Mississippi Development Authority team will hold a community presentation to inform the community of the work they have done at the Coffeeville Multi-Purpose building at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, July 16.  If able, please attend this presentation so that we can all better our growing community.

    MSU Extension Services offers assistance to local businesses and local community organizations in areas of social media marketing, technical support, website development, creating business plans, and more.   If your business needs help in any of these areas, please contact me at the local Extension Office.

Living Wills
Have you ever thought about what happens to your possessions & property after you die?  Well, most people take care of their property while living, but many of these same people make no plans for its management after their deaths.      Despite concern for families, friends, and property during their lifetimes, they fail to provide guidance when it is most needed- when they are no longer present to make decisions.  As a result, the State of Mississippi decides how their belongings will be distributed.  
    Do you know to whom and how your property will be distributed by the state of Mississippi if you die without making a will?  
    Do you need a will?  The first step in determining whether you need a will is to become aware of what happens if you neglect to make one.  Since something must be done with your property after your death, the Mississippi Legislature provides a method for dividing it among heirs if you fail to make other arrangements. The property of a Mississippi resident who dies intestate (without a valid will) is distributed by various formulas.  “Children” refers to legitimate children both biological and adopted, as well as illegitimate children.  So, what is a will?—A will is a written document that describes how its maker wants his or her property distributed after his or her death. A will is the blueprint that guides the court in distributing an estate. By making a will, you can decide who will receive your property, how much each person will receive, when they will receive it, and to some degree, what they can do with it.  Drafting a will, as well as estate planning, involves decisions requiring professional skill and judgment, which can be obtained only through years of training, study, and experience.  We recommend you use an attorney to draft a will suited to your own situation.

Article Source: Planning Your Estate Part 2: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Dr. Bobbie Shaffett, 2014.

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