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Street Talk

Main Street Striping Adds New Crosswalks

By Mickey Howley

Mike Scroggins looked cool, calm, and collected.  Standing in the middle of Main Street last Wednesday early afternoon wearing his ‘don’t run over me’ bright orange T-shirt, Mike was orchestrating the downtown street and parking space striping action for Main Street. He was more relaxed than I usually see him. Considering he had spent the morning with the Mayor working out the final details of the striping, he was really relaxed. And just so you don’t think that’s easy–not the working with the Mayor, but the other stuff–working with the outside paint contractors, checking his crew, rerouting traffic and getting businesses parking shifted around. All that. Mike was even escorting pedestrians who were nervous about walking across the painting work.
It is a big, multi-faceted event to have the major thoroughfare of a town resurfaced and painted. The Mayor and street department have really been working on this—and along with everyone else putting in their two cents. But the end result is well worth it. The street looks great!  
What is new beyond the new covering of asphalt, is the changes in the striping. The material is thermoplastic paint with reflective sprinkles. Laid on hot, at 400 degrees, it will last a long time and save the city much labor over the years from re-painting.  Mike likes it. Notice the parking stripes are now white, much more friendly than the yellow. Trust me on this one. And the biggest change is new crosswalks. There are four crosswalks now, at Martin Street, two on either side of Wood Street, and one at Wagner Street. Three of those are at non-signal intersections, so if you are driving, please take note.
Pedestrians have the right of way in the crosswalk. When you are driving on Main Street checking you texts or yacking on the phone–you know you do – driving like you are intoxicated, please for a moment put the device down and notice. People will be walking across the street and assuming you are looking.  
If you missed the Farmers Market last week, it was one fun artsy tie-dyed event. Music by Love Cannon was great. The fields were a bit muddy due to the deluge on Friday, so produce was a bit down, but the fresh veggies will be back strong this Saturday. See you at the market from 8 to 11 under the Big Magnolia.

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