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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Subscriber Tommy Harbin of Scobey was in last week to pay for his paper (he likes us so much he paid for a couple of years). He was very complimentary of Water Valley and of the Herald. Enjoyed talking to Mr. Harbin and really appreciated his compliments. I invited him to just move to the Valley and join us and he said he just might consider that if he had not already bought and paid for a home in Scobey.
    Ernie Aune was in to get the Lions pancake breakfast notice in the paper.  When Ernie comes by, if he has time, I always want to hear about his sons, their wives, and grands and he’s gracious enough to ask about Jim.
    David is still in California and has retired. His wife is still working. They have no children. Eddie, as most of  you know, is still in Oxford. He and Cindy have a son, who has a very important career. Kelly and his wife live in Huntsville and they have three children, all with exciting lives. Kris, who is a classmate of Jim’s, lives in New Orleans and is an executive with Energy. He has a daughter who is married and lives in Birmingham. Ernie had a wedding picture and she’s beautiful and is married to a very handsome man.
    It’s always fun to visit with Ernie and hear about his family.
    Got in a visit with Charmie Weeks Wednes-day. Dr. Barry had to put on a permanent cap and when he finished I stopped by Charmie’s office. She wasn’t busy so we reminisced for a spell. We enjoy visiting so much that Charmie says she’s going to just bring her lunch one day and we’ll talk—that will be fun.
    Also, always enjoy talking to Christie and Courtney – usually only get to speak to Stephanie. This whole staff is a great group of folks.
     Watermelon Carnival week is here. I got to read our special section this morning and found lots of information about the coming weekend. Unfortunately I’ll not get to attend any of the events on Friday and Saturday.
     I have arranged my schedule to get to the Music Festival on Thursday night. I always enjoy hearing the Sharecroppers play and this year there is an added group, the Eisenhauer Band, from which I’ve heard glowing reports . The only member of the group I’ve heard perform is Bryan Ward and he is an excellent musician and vocalist and tells me the rest of this band is very talented.
    Keith River was in Thursday to tell us about the contest for the oldest Run/Walk T-shirt. He had some of Charlotte and Jack Grass’ early shirts and I enjoyed seeing them.  Realized that even though I’ve made every run/walk except one, I never saw the shirts. They were given after the event and the participants just took them home.
    Told Keith that if he and the Grasses had give me shirts I could have won or at least tied because I would have had my shirts stashed in the closet.
    Keith said, “You did make them all but you were to busy making pictures to walk.” We were indeed, and in the early days Ed and I were both avid walkers—we wouldn’t have won, but we could have finished the race.
    The loser each year was usually the late Jack Craven. Daughter, Kitty (also deceased), walked with her dad and came in second to last. Jack said it did not bother him to finish last and he was afraid it might other folks. He was a sweet and thoughtful man and his daughter was also a wonderful young lady—one of those we claimed as ours and Jean and Jack graciously shared her. Kitty worked for us for several years and we remained close until the end of her life—still miss her and Jack.
    The barbecue contest sounds exciting and I wish Jim could be here to enter. He does enjoy the Memphis in May Patio Barbecue Division Contest and the team he’s a member of has done very well over the years. He didn’t get to come this spring, but is looking forward to being here next year—so is Mom.
    We also received copies of the Chamber Watermelon Carnival Program last week and have sold all but one—they’ll bring us more. So if you want a copy stop by. They are still only $5 each. This year’s program features pictures of sportsmen through the years. I enjoyed seeing the fish, deer and other wildlife catches and kills made over the past 60 years. Was surprised to find deer kills back in the late ‘40s. That was quite a trophy because we had very few deer then. Now I can take my van out and kill one almost anytime I want.
     Read an interesting article in one of the sports magazines last week. It told of the over population of deer and of a plan to alleviate the problem. The Mississippi Conservation Program (I think this is the correct group) is getting sportsmen to kill deer (even though they don’t need the meat) and donate it for processing by commercial processor for distribution to feeding programs like soup kitchens or  food distribution centers, such as our Compassion Ministries. Sounds like a wonderful program to me. If something is not done the deer are going to eat up crops, cause more vehicle accidents, and eventually become ill or even starve. It’s much more humane to harvest them than to have any of this happen.
  I know how harmful they can be. Our vehicles have hit at least a dozen over the past 30 years and I’ve completely given up on growing veggies or even flowers. The deer eat up my plants as fast as I put them in the ground.
    Jimmie enjoys wearing Watermelon Carnival t-shirts. She doesn’t care if they’re the current year’s edition or not. So Mary Sue brought several of previous years shirts and I took them to Jimmie—I’m now her favorite sister. Of course, I’m also her only sister, but with that gift I would have held favorite status if she’s had a dozen. I also had my new shirt in the van and she liked it—it is a beautiful green and has the Melon State of Mind art on the back. In addition to being beautiful, they are excellent t-shirts and are only $15 each. Jimmie has some she’s been wearing for years and they still look great. She has worn a few out, but she wears them most days when she’s not in a lab coat.
    Excitement in the family last week was Brother Bo got a new lawn mower – was not to soon either. He keeps all our lawns in great shape and has been using completely worn out equipment. For some time now he’d work on the mower half a day and cut half day or less. With the new mower, he’s cut all the grass he could find and did a great job on the yards, including mine.
    I had to go out early Sunday morning to inspect this machine. He’s cleaned off the carport at Mom’s and had it parked up safely. He had cleaned it up so that it looked show-room new. Now Bo takes care of his tools, so I’m sure it will probably last him for the rest of his life.
    Coming up next week will be another important event –  school begins.
    I know that students and teachers are ready for this.
  I’m not. Reason for my not liking school is that on Wednesday mornings I’m on the road when buses are picking up the young folks and I hate that stopping and starting. It’s not so bad when I’m following a bus, but I’m always afraid I’ll not notice it stopping when I’m meeting it. I always just slow way down when I see a bus, even if the lights are not flashing.
    We have birthdays—this week and next.  Brother Rance celebrated his 71st today (Monday) and Mom’s 100th will be next Friday. We’ll have the party on Saturday. That will be quite a milestone.

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