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The Extension Service Can Help Your Business
Reach More Customers With Social Media

By Allyson Coleman

MSU Extension Services offers assistance to local businesses and local community organizations in areas of social media marketing, technical support, website development, creating business plans, and more. We are already working with two very important businesses in the county through our VIP program.  
Here we have begun building websites and started to master using social media as a marketing tool.  If your business needs help in any of these areas or you are interested in more information about the VIP program, please contact me at the local Extension Office.
Remember on Monday, August 4, MSU Extension will hold a training session on cyber-bullying for both parents and teenagers in the community. This class will help explain what cyber-bullying is and teach some techniques on how to avoid and prevent this from happening. By the end of the training, participants will understand what shape it can take, the severity of it, and its consequences.
This training session is for teenagers as well as parents. The cost of this program is $3, which covers light refreshments. Call me at the local Extension office for more information and to sign up for this training.  You are only considered registered once you have paid the registration fee.

Want to Learn How to Make Money From Home?

There are times when we all wish that we could make a little extra money here and there; especially when holidays are right around the corner. I am here to say that Extension specialists will be teaching a program on how you can make money from home on your computer.  
If you are interested in learning how you can make legitimate money by working from home online, join us Thursday, August 7 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. The cost of the program is $2, which covers light refreshments.  
We hope that you will join us and begin your journey to making extra money from home. Space is limited; please call the Extension Office to register for this program. You are only considered registered once you have paid the registration fee.
The MSU Extension Office hosted it’s first training of the Social Media Mini-Series on Facebook on July 17.  We had a great turn out and our participants learned so much that we hope that you will join us for the next session in August.  The second class in this Social Media Miniseries will be on Instagram.  If you are interested in learning what Instagram is and how it works, come join us- Thursday, August 14 from 1-3p.m. The class cost $2, which covers light refreshments. This is a great opportunity for everyone to learn the ins and outs of social media.
In these classes we will learn how to set up Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts, and learn the interface and basic privacy and security settings of these services. Participants will become proficient in the latest Instagram features, including how to control content that others post on your newsfeed, and find out how to make your Instagram accounts private. We hope you will join us.

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