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Letters To The Editor – July 31, 2014

City Should Provide Free Wi-Fi Service

Dear Editor:
  A recent article in this newspaper tells us that the city has received a $9,000 grant, that will be matched locally, for the installation of a Main Street Wi-Fi System.
  Anyone who wishes this service can get it now for as little as $9.95 a month, however this would require the purchase of a Wi-Fi “Hot Spot”.
  Hopefully this system will be installed at both the far north end and south end of town, so that the largest number of town folks can benefit. Are all people expected now, or at a later date, to pay for this service? Will it be available around other places, and down to the far north end as well?
  If this service is not free then it is a waste of $18,000. Anyone can buy the service if they can afford it. Many can not. Hopefully, the powers that be will do the right thing.
  Good luck, fellow citizens.
  /s/Don McConnell

Longtime Reader Praises Columnist

Dear Editor:
Columnist Coulter Fussell was so right when she wrote, “Wake me up to the world outside,” in a recent column.  As a friend is fond of saying, “You want to become a living legend?  Well, just get out there and live.”
Although I grew up in the Valley, I moved away in the ‘70s and have lived in Branson, Mo., for the past 30 years.  My husband, Barry, and I love to travel—Barry has visited more than 100 countries and I’ve clocked a mere 50 or so—and we firmly believe that to know yourself truly, you have to give yourself over to meeting and trusting others.  I don’t mean to sound naïve, but there’s so much good out there if you’re willing look for it.
I’ve read the Herald as long as I’ve been able to read—more than 50 years now!—and I believe the paper is the best it’s ever been.  Every week, I look forward many parts of the paper:  Betty’s column, Jack Gurner’s writing and photography, the Look Back section and Ms. Fussell’s column—although she’s not an old-timer in Water Valley terms, she’s a breath of fresh air and honesty.
Her recent column on Finland was of special interest—back in the ‘90s and early 2000s, I visited Kuopio, Finland, about a half dozen times for three or so weeks at a time, to teach a short course on tourism at a small college there.  However, I ended up pretty much teaching an English class as well; I was told it was rare to get a native U.S. English speaker there, and they wanted to take advantage of it.
While I tried to tell the students a little about U.S. history, etc., they were more interested in contemporary culture.  “Can you really get your drivers’ license at 16?” was a common question, along with “What’s Super Bowl Sunday like?”  
And Ms. Fussell is again right—there was a lot of interest in the South.  When I’d say I grew up in Mississippi, I’d often get asked, “In the river?” So there was a lot of educating to do, but it was fun to do it.
I may never get to Finland again, but it’s my hope that if I do, I’ll run into some members of those English classes, and they’ll be happily speaking American English—with a Southern accent, of course!
    Best wishes to you all,
    Camille Fly Dautrich, WVHS Class of ’71

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