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This Year’s Carnival Was ‘Best Ever’

By Charles Cooper

Hello everyone, hope you enjoyed the Watermelon Carnival as much as I did.  
It seemed that this year was one of the best ever as to large turnout and the smooth organization from the music program, the multi-class reunion, the street dance and the pancake breakfast.  
Since I live only two doors from the “Little Professionals” day care center, which Virginia and Edward Scanlon  provide every year for the classes from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, I went there first.
The first couple I met out front was the Ron Scarbor-oughs and although I had never met  them, I had known his father, Tom Scarborough, and we had a brief visit. Inside, Jack was there representing the Herald and also his class was represented.  
Then Charles Mays, who is a retired Baptist minister, asked me to sit at his table for a few minutes. I had never met him but I had known his sisters  Rose and Ruby Lee. He told me that even though he is retired, he fills in as pastor for churches in the Sherwood, Ark. area where he lives. I remembered his father, Ed Mays, who was a sports writer, and we shared some stories about him.
Then a gentleman came up to me and told me how he reads this column and said, I’m Roger Shields.”  He is actually Major General Roger Shields, U.S. Army, retired, and I was honored to finally meet him as I had heard of him for a long time. He promised some input if he had something of interest that we might use and I’m looking forward to hearing from him.
From there it was to  the street dance. Although I don’t dance any more, I did enjoy the music of the Eisenhauer  Band which does bluegrass, country, oldies, and even one of my favorites of the Rolling Stones.
Then I met my long time friend, Richard Baird, and we had probably the longest conversation we have ever had and we promised to meet from time to time for coffee.  He also told me that his brother-in-law, D. C. Morgan, who lives in Schertz, Texas, was unable to attend due to health reasons. Having old friends like Richard living here makes me happy we moved back exactly a year ago this month.  
We had Darren, Elizabeth, Shelby and little Sofia with us this week and Sofia was fascinated by the fireworks   display.  
The next thing on my agenda was the pancake breakfast Saturday morning and from the long lines and large crowds it was a success.  Ernie Aune, Teresa  and Rayford Edgar, Curtis Berry, and Ross Cardwell handled the large crowd in a friendly professional manner.  I was fortunate enough to  sit at a table with  old friends, “Tuffy” Williamson, Charlie Holloway, David Fly and his son.  Ben Horan joined us and we had a long conversation catching up for a lot of years.  I told “Tuffy” Charlie and Ben that I wanted us to meet for coffee  and I’m going to hold them to it.
Billy Stribling gave me an envelope that was addressed to me with a Chicago post mark and dated in the 1940s and I really appreciate it Billy.  
Several people have told me how impressed they are with the downtown area and all the new businesses, which shows that the Water Valley comeback is well on its way.  Let me hear from you at my email address or write me in care of the Herald and have a great week.

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