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Street Talk

Farmers Market Offers Freshness For Sale

By Mickey Howley

The sound of mowing has stopped. Every day last week – Monday through Thursday – there was the constant sound of weekwackers buzzing, ZTRs revving, blowers whirring, and mowers moaning. It seemed every grass blade in the Valley was being trimmed.  And Thursday late afternoon it all went silent, the sweaty army of folks who made the city look spiffy had the job done. The Valley looked great.
Here’s random musings of what I heard and saw about the town. The fashion show at Yalo Studio was real delight, with models from a local casting; Susan Cianciolo styled a New York-Yalobusha fusion. The Post Office steps make a great bleacher to watch the fireworks show, which this year seemed exceptionally brilliant. Heard an astonished shout from a group of midtown Memphis artsy types as the bombs burst in air, “Water Valley!”  
The morning race had more runners and walkers than ever who sweated less due to the great weather. It was all tie-dye and hula-hoops with ice cream and gazpacho at the Farmers Market. The Lions Club was hopping flipping pancakes and sausages. Late Saturday afternoon Lori Ward and Dixie Grimes had that 1,000-yard stare having handled a packed BTC house for several days straight. Yalobusha Brewery was still pulling in people strong late on Saturday for tours. And Demarc White seemed tired and happy at the same time late Saturday night as the music at D and D’s House of BBQ wound down on Main Street.
Next month look for more fun downtown. Mark your calendars for the evening of Saturday, Sept. 20. That’s the night of the Water Valley Arts Council’s ArtCrawl, now the 6th version of it. Art, music, fun.
The Farmers Market is going on strong with plenty of freshness for sale this coming Saturday morning. The Zediker Boys will be playing — if you missed them at the carnival last Friday or at D and D’s House of BBQ last Saturday or want to hear them again, see them at the market Saturday morning.  
Pizza Getti closed last Sunday. As many of you know long time Valley restaurateur Bill Rotenberry opened the place in the beginning of 2013. Bill died in the spring of that year, literally on the job making the place work. His family of five very strong women pulled together and kept the restaurant running in a manner I’m sure Bill would have been proud of. But they all have lives and jobs and operating a restaurant is more than a full time job, it is a passionate vocation. You live and breathe the work.         And they can’t physically be in two places at the same time. So the closing of Pizza Getti might seem at first a sad story, but it is not. Bill and his family over the years served hundreds of thousands meals to folks on Water Valley’s Main Street. Meals that people enjoyed. The Rotenberry’s hard work brought to so many the simple joy of a good eating. So while they might not be on Main anymore, the attitude and energy Bill brought to the street remains collectively. And if you see one of the Rotenberry Five, tell them thanks for all they have done.

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