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Street Talk

Are Your Ready For Football, Devil Style?

By Mickey Howley

Last Saturday morning Charlie Zediker was setting up early at the Farmers Market. The market starts at 8 a.m. and while rarely is there a mad rush for produce at that hour, there is a group of early rising shoppers looking for still warm fried pies and the ripest tomatoes. So most market vendors are ready to go right at the opening time. But Charlie wasn’t selling; he had set up his drum kit – a whole bunch of drums and three cymbals – and was waiting on his brother Matthew to come along with the guitar and amplifiers. Matthew rolled in and along with help from their dad, Glen, and the arrival of the bass player Mikey Namorato, the Droogs as they call themselves, had the music cranked at quarter past eight. And as the first Led Zeppelin inspired riff shook the leaves on the big magnolia, I saw that Wilbur Herring’s circulation was in working order. His face dropped a full three shades of pale from his normal gregarious ruddy. And apparently his hearing sensitivity is in good working order, too. Those first guitar licks also had local pro musicians Andrew Yurkow and Sean Kirkpatrick smiling and by the time the band rolled into their cover of the Immigrant Song, there was an appreciative choir who sang along, “A-ah-ahh-ah.”
At the other end of the market Anne and David Burke were battering up their Mississippi Amish cart cranking out crepes. You know those flat, hot-rolled doughy things covered in powdered sugar. Well if you don’t know crepes, especially since the Burkes used Carline’s apple butter filling, they’re delicious. Nicolas Trepanier arrived in time to adjust everyone’s pronunciation. It is not like crepe as in crepe myrtle. The Burkes and cart will be back this week with some Mississippi caviar to sample.  
Alison Fast and Chandler Griffen were in town all last week working on a short film for Mississippi Tourism. Their company Blue Magnolia Films is shooting and producing a series of four creative economy stories across the state. Yalobusha Brewing is the one being filmed here and Alison and Chandler followed Tony, Amos, and Andy all week—night and day—as they prepped a 160-keg load heading to New Orleans. If you’d like to see a few still shots of the action, follow Blue Magnolia’s page on Facebook at “Why I love Mississippi.”
Here’s are few dates on mark on your calendar; August 26 Tuesday night at 7 p.m. the Magnolia Poetry Jam at Rockette Studio next to the Piggly Wiggly. It is an open mic event and bring your own poetry or stuff you like to read out loud.  
The first downtown pep rally is Thursday August 28. Be there for this fun event early evening at the Railroad Park Pavilion. Make sure to come out and cheer the 2014 Blue Devil football team.
And be sure you have 6th Art Crawl September 20 Saturday from 5:30 to 9 p.m. marked down. A whole lotta love and you’ll want to see every inch of art.

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