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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    I had been wanting to see the renovation at Lucia Holloway’s home for some time. Steve Ford did the work and I’d heard about it from his uncle, Melvin—it sounded really great. Lucia called Tuesday and announced that she was having a club meeting at her house, so if possible, I should come by after work to view the work while the house was clean. She knows that I don’t care if a house is clean or not (if I did I’d have to move out of mine, as its never been clean).
    The Holloway home has always been beautiful, but Lucia and Steve have made it even more so. They made the low ceiling in the den into a vaulted space. Lucia said that Steve, when she asked him to do this, said, “It can’t be done.” Well, as usual, he thought about it and came up with a solution.         He is a remarkable design artist, contractor and carpenter. In addition to this he built a new screened porch, which I would spend all my time on. Lucia says that she stays out there as much as possible. It’s shaded, so it stays cool,  but has skylights to let in an abundance of light. She has done lots of painting and other facelifting projects. They have really done a great job—makes me want to get back on projects at my  house.
    Not only did I get a tour of the renovation, but I got a delicious supper and some great fellowship. It’s always delightful to visit with Lucia. Thanks for the lovely evening.
    Arriving home about nine o’clock, I crossed the porch, unlocked the door, while all the time thinking something just was different. Went  back to the van, looked around the carport and the front yard and then decided that it was just my imagination. On the second pass across the porch, I glanced to my right and the bed in front of the porch was completely bare. It had contained four huge hollies, about  four feet in height and width. Bo and Rance had been over to cut the grass and decided that my hollies were a good place for snakes to hide so they took them out. I’ll have to find new landscaping plants for this bed.
    Carolyn and Misty went down for the annual bargain sale at Peter’s Pottery Friday. Would have liked to go with them, but had mother sitting duty. Carolyn reported though, that if you didn’t camp out at least overnight you were in such a long line that pickin’ was slim when you finally got into the store. She bought one big rabbit and Misty got a few pieces, all were real bargains, but they were  not sure it was worth the drive—considering your time and the price of gas these days.                 There is a shop in Batesville that sells Peter’s and she says, “We probably could have paid full price and saved money on the pieces we bought.” Oh well, I’m sure they had a great outing, some quality mother/ daughter time, and enjoyed a good lunch.
    Bo reported that Briley has now begun to speak in phrases. He’s been really slow to talk, but I still think it’s because he doesn’t have to—everyone knows what he wants and gets it before he has to ask. Caroline, on the other hand, learned to speak loud and clear early in life—she doesn’t want to chance missing food and other fun things—especially food.
    Deer season started on the roads Friday morning. I saw my first deer in probably a couple of months. It crossed in front of me on Highway 51 about 5:30 in the morning. I was glad that I was sleepy, there was very little traffic, so I was driving at a much slower rate of speed than usual. Slowed way down when I saw it and kept my speed slow for a time—usually if you see one deer, one or two more will be following. Only saw the one—maybe I caught the last one in the line. However, with fall fast approaching I know they will be more prevalent on the roadways. Also, the fawns are large enough to follow the does, so they’ll travel more.
    There are still an abundance of fox, squirrel, rabbits, raccoons, ‘possums and snakes out there to make driving interesting. Even see a turkey now and then, and several times lately I’ve almost hit a low flying hawk.
    Buses and traffic from employees going home has to be navigated. On Thursday afternoon I have to cross 315, the Pope/WV Road, and the Eureka Road in a narrow time frame. If I go before 4 p.m. I always encounter buses on Eureka. If’s I’m after 5 p.m., the commuting traffic is very heavy. Need to leave the house no  earlier than 4 and no later than 4:30. Therefore I get the car packed and sit on ready until the appointed time.
     My Friday and Saturday TV watching was mostly old westerns. Usually I don’t turn the TV on until nine or ten o’clock, because I’m busy getting mom fed, dressed and up in her chair. However, Saturday morning housekeeping came in a little after six so I watched the news for a few minutes and then looked through the program guide.  Found “The Rifleman.” I have never seen these shows and was amazed at how early they must have aired for the first time. On one of the programs Michael Landon was the guest and he looked like a teenager. On the program he had only a bit part.
    A bit part on the next program was by George Kennedy, one of the stars in most (if not all) of the Airport movies. He also looked very young.
    Sunday afternoon I intended to go down to Pace Pottery for a visit and some shopping. Wound up doing something I never do—took a nap. Two nights last week I’d been kept awake by a mouse eating the house down. He apparently was in the wall, because I pulled out and dumped every drawer in the bedroom, looked under the bed and it was not there. So sleep was not to be. After these two nights, it was quiet, and I was sleeping so soundly, when about five o’clock it sounded like a bomb went off in the attic, right over my bed. Heard a squirrel but I didn’t even go to see what he’d turned over.
    Lizard report. Carolyn caught the one that had been in her oven mitt on a sticky pad. She reported it was a big one—measured about 10 inches. I hadn’t seen one in my house for several weeks—since Mark Anthony got the big one out of my laundry room. Crossing the living room barefoot, going from the den to the bedroom, Sunday night I felt something soft under foot. Thought I’d just dropped something on the floor, so didn’t even turn on the light to pick it up, thinking I’ll clean it up in the morning.  Cleaned it up and it was about a two inch long baby lizard that I’d stepped on—was to late to scream. However, I’m looked for siblings and mom and pop.
    Can you believe that football season begins Friday night? Play will be on the Bobby Clark Field and the Blue Devils will take on New Albany. The game starts at 7 p.m.

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